Becoming Trifork Smart Enterprise

When Invokers joined the Trifork family in 2018, it was with the shared vision to take Invokers' unique SAP offering within enterprise solutions from local to global - and the past two years have proven the viability and strengt of this partnership while handling increasingly more business critical applications. 

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Invokers is changing its name to Trifork Smart Enterprise. With this name change, we are integrating our SAP capabilities fully with the Trifork brand.

The Invokers journey started in a Copenhagen basement 14 years ago. With splendid technical solutions to complex digital challenges, Invokers have managed to carve out a prominent market position in the SAP playing field. From the basement, Invokers has matured into a preferred digitalization partner to large, Danish companies, and this has not gone unnoticed by giants like Apple and SAP.

Since 2018, we have worked closely with Trifork to solidify our unique market position in the Smart Enterprise business area. We help large organizations drive their digitalization in core processes, deliver performance improvements and improve employee satisfaction through great user experience.

As Trifork Smart Enterprise, we cover the entire process from design, to development, to implementation and to operations, delivering a strong value proposition in the full life cycle to its customer by leveraging the SAP Cloud Platform in combination with the Trifork Group services, to deliver and support the digitalized enterprise.

With this name change, we will be able to operate more seamlessly in international markets where Trifork is a household brand name, and thereby extending the reach of our digital transformation services in the SAP sphere.

Our name change has no practical impact on our relationship with existing customers. Contracts will remain unchanged, our CVR number stays the same, and the core team members allocated to your projects will not change as a result of our brand transition.

We truly value our strong and mutually beneficial customer relationships that typically last for many years, and we hope that this transition will be well received by all of you.

All the best,
Kevin Hagemann Petersen
CEO of Trifork Smart Enterprise Nordics, formerly known as Invokers