We developed and integrated an application for Mærsk that shows a fully updated image of all necessary data related to the employee on the drilling rig.

An easy-to-use solution, tailored to the work processes on the drilling rig swiftly gives an overview and makes it easier to meet the high security requirements. Necessary information and data are available despite the fluctuating quality of internet connection at sea and is never more than 24 hours old.


SAP HR & SharePoint

The solution can run in the existing SharePoint system landscape - but with a connection to the SAP data source, including SAP HR, which is located on the mainland and delivers all of the business critical data. The application's user interface is built in SharePoint, which is installed locally on the individual drilling rig, and from there, SAP data is available on the mainland, often through slow satellite connections. In relation to SAP, we primarily work with data within the HR module including shift planning, LSO and Employee Master Data (Qualifications and Positions).


An app that does not require training 

Today, all the necessary information is available in the front line of the drilling rig. The information is never older than 24 hours and is so self-explanatory and clear that anyone can use the application without training. The application has automated the process and gives the offshore manager a quick and effective overview. The solution is thus extremely user-friendly and ensures compliance with critical safety requirements.


The requirements for compliance and competencies are alpha and omega for safety, which is extremely high on a drilling rig. The consequences are huge if an accident occurs. Both human, environmental and economic. Therefore, Maersk Drilling needed a solution that could constantly prove that they have the most skilled people on the team - also with internet connections at sea, that are so slow that land-based applications can not run on the same system on land as on the drilling rig.

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Erik Roesen Larsen

Head of Health, Safety, Security and Environment, Maersk Drilling

“All I can say, is that the project ran as a well-oiled machine”

About Mærsk Drilling

Mærsk Drilling supports global oil and gas production by supplying drilling services to oil companies around the world. They are owned by A.P. Møller-Mærsk, the Danish shipping, commercial and industrial group that is headquartered on the Esplanade in Copenhagen. They have annual sales of around 35.5 billion USD and employs around 88,000 employees in 130 countries.