VESTAS Site planner


Site Planner is the Site Manager's tool for the agile micro planning that is required in the work with variable elements and resources.

In addition, the tool is a conversion from traditional paper processes to digital processess, which ensures optimized planning of Vestas' sites, thus reducing waste of valuable resources.

The idea is to enable Site Managers to plan daily operations for up to 14 days based on current maintenance and logistics data as well as weather forecasts.
In addition, employees can use their mobile iOS devices to report on their progress, and Site Managers can review, compare and monitor this information to report general progress on the various construction sites.


SCP SDK for Apple iOS

Vestas wanted to focus on innovation, user-friendliness and finding a solution that works from the start. In addition, the solution should function without internet connection and be integrated with Vestas' back-end software, SAP ERP.

Apple's high level of security and intuitive structure and SAP Cloud Platform is a unique and powerful combination, and therefore Site Planner was based on SAP Cloud Platform as application platform and Apple iOS SDK. A solution we also recommend our customers.

The architecture of the SAP Cloud Platform creates the strong technical framework, and Apple's well-known and user-friendly iOS paradigm ensures an optimal user experience.

Central parts of the application were designed in collaboration with Apple in California when we and Vestas were invited to a 3-day workshop to review the solution at the Apple Enterprise Design Lab at the Cupertino headquarters.


Exact and efficient planning

invokers' DNA is "Business Value Through User Experience" and for Vestas, Site Planner is expected to deliver business value already within the first year.

Site Planner provides a comprehensive overview of the flow of building components to each site. Site Managers will therefore know exactly when to expect delivery of the components they need.

Along with always freshly updated weather forecasts, this will make on-site planning more precise and help Vestas to implement its projects more efficiently and safely.

All in all, the very precise planning and optimized and efficient operation will be of great importance to Vestas' competitive advantages.


Vestas has wind farms under construction all over the world where each construction site erects between 10-200 wind turbines. This requires precise and comprehensive coordination and planning of e.g. delivery of components. In addition, each Site Manager is responsible for the performance of the turbines. This involves adjusting timing and delivery plans that are easily impacted by unstable and unpredictable elements like wind and weather, as more of the components weigh up to 35 tons and must be raised to more than 100 meters.

The challenges for Vestas were therefore the amount of wasted resources and time that arose from changes in planning. Therefore, they needed a tool for the Site Manager to e.g. optimize component coordination. 

Invokers Vestas quote

Asier Vega Sanchez

Enterprise Architech, Vestas

“Working with invokers means that we have gained access to highly valuable expert knowledge about SAP Cloud Platform and Apple SDK. Together we have created a unique solution, that combined with a great user experience, meets our requirements and needs regarding business value, adoption and user-friendliness.”

About Vestas

Vestas is a global and high-profile energy company that develops, produces, installs and services environmentally friendly, efficient and modern energy production in the form of wind energy power plants. The company has headquarters in Aarhus, employs over 21,000 employees worldwide and generates around 10 billion euro in annual turnover. Vestas has installed wind turbines in 76 countries worldwide. A large part of this work consists of constructing and raising groups of wind turbines in very exact geographical locations. Vestas thus operates a large number of complex construction projects around the world in connection with installation and commissioning of wind farms.