Aarhus invokers

Happy Friday! - New colleagues & new office

Last friday - September 1st - was a very special day in the long continuity, that is our life at invokers. First, we are welcoming 4 new colleagues and second, we had a hell of a time throwing a housewarming for our awesome new Aarhus office!

We are so unbelievably proud and humbled, that we continue to be able to attract such top-tier talent to our ranks. So thank you Lærke Ildvedsen Steffen Søgaard Jesper Zuschlag and Harald Eilert for trusting in our ability to provide you with the professional challenges you deserve. Welcome! 

Thank you to all of you who came by to celebrate with us. We do appreciate it!

There is a lot of fantastic stuff happening in our industry in general, and our company in particular, and we look very much forward to bringing amazing experiences to our customers this fall. You know who you are!

All the best,