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By comparing existing work processes with the new tested processes, it was possible to calculate the value of making the recommended changes. Compared with the calculation of the cost of implementing the proposed solution, return on investment was calculated.

Dansk Supermarked Group has subsequently educated about 30 employees in Design Thinking concepts and now uses the various tools in several areas of the organization.


At the stores Netto, Føtex and Bilka, under Dansk Supermarker Group, they regularly experience challenges related to the ordering processes for short-term products, such as fruit and vegetables.
The challenges include, for example, the difficulty in calculating the correct number of products to be ordered due to the short durability of the products and the fluctuating demand of customers.

The result is often either too large orders, which results in waste and the shop hence experiencing economic loss or too sparse orders and the shop thus loses sales.

Dansk Supermarked Group about Effective Design Thinking

"invokers are unique and they know how to find The Sweet Spot"

“In our collaboration, invokers have driven the process with me as the lead, and they are simply a breath of fresh air. Their big strength is that they supply hardcore UX knowledge laced with a strong enterprise understanding. They speak our language, they have business insight, an exceptional and unconventional approach to processes and user experiences – and the ability to go straight to The Sweet Spot. This makes them unique in today's market.”

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Steen Kronborg 

Chief Enterprise Architect, Dansk Supermarked Group

“invokers have introduced us to a new way of doing development work, and the experience is a good one. Actually, my staff are quite open and positive towards the method which has moved them away from the comfort zone – without making them feel uncomfortable."

"What do we spend our time on? What specific information do we need to solve the tasks?"

“These are the simple and at the same time the most important questions we will have answered in the context of working with Design Thinking. Towards context, relevance and value custom software - and that is why we got invokers involved. I wanted to present our business to their Design Thinking concept - to learn to find out what actually gives us value."

"Away from the comfort zone. Towards context, relevance and value"

“invokers have introduced us to a new way of developing and the experience is good. My employees are actually very open and positive to the method, which has moved them away from the comfort zone - without becoming uncomfortable. With the process there is a realization that there may be other ways to approach life and tasks.

One of our challenges is that those who build our existing systems are some of the most skilled people. However, those who need the systems may have  worked in the business for only 4 months, and neither can nor should guess their way to the answers. The solution is about context and relevance in all work situations. For example, making sure that only the right data is displayed, instead of a multitude of fields. The mindset, the learning and the responsibility of Design Thinking work so well that we already use it in other contexts.”

"Design Thinking solves the new, multidimensional calculations" 

‟My expectations for the results? I have a strong believe that this approach boosts positivity and elevates quality - but I especially believe that we are presented with a whole new type of mathematics.

We have been very good at optimizing and transforming throughout the years. We know the things we can change. But I've become more focused on the question, if we missing somethig? Sitting and measuring on something that actually has no effect on our daily life or the bottom line?

With Design Thinking we discover and remove hidden costs. Take for instance the situation where you need 20 minutes to make a good purchase order - but you only have 5 minutes to make it. Then, either you don't make it or you make a mediocre one. What is the result of the task and how do you measure it? And how do we change the rules of the game?

Here, we have come to the conclusion that it is about the right information, without unnecessary noice. We release minutes because people no longer have to seek information. We have also looked at how long it actually takes to start a process. Because if the process is never started ... then what? 

Design Thinking helps us see both tasks and solutions differently, so we get all the facets in the calculations.”

About Dansk Supermarked Group

Danish Supermarket Group operates more than 1,400 stores in four countries. Furthermore, they operate several successful Danish e-commerce companies and employ over 50,000 people internationally. Every week, more than 9 million shoppers visit their stores, and every day they deliver groceries to 1.4 million customers.