Mobility Energinet, the solution we developed for Energinet, is a solution based on the standard components of SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Apple iOS.

The solution provides Energinet’s employees and subcontractors with an optimized tool that ensures accurate and easy handling of daily tasks and data recording on mobile iOS devices.

Employees in the field can log in, get an overview of their individual tasks and register data, with just a few steps. At the same time, the manager, both internal and external, has the overall overview of the status of all tasks and can, from the office, change and prioritize tasks.

The installation of the solution on the individual employee's mobile iOS device, takes place in the same simple way as installing an app and at the same time the solution is so intuitive that it does not require training.

Using Touch ID means both that the security is higher than what any other system can offer and that logging in only takes 0.1 second.

All in all, Mobility Energinet means that Energinet has a significant drop in resource waste and at the same time satisfied employees.


SCP SDK & Apple iOS

Energinet wanted to develop a simple, user-friendly and stable solution where data would flow digitally, built as an extension to their current SAP module, Plant Maintenance.

We therefore developed the Mobility Energinet solution with SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Apple iOS as an application platform. 

Apple's high level of security and intuitive structure combined with SAP Cloud Platform is a unique and powerful combination that ensures the highest level of user-friendliness and the strongest possible structure.
A solution that we at invokers also recommend our customers.

Optimized planning and significant savings

  • Minimizing wasted working hours because the right employee can be sent to the right task - the first time 
  • Quick error fixing, as messages are synchronized directly from app to SAP PM 
  • Better data retrieval, allowing for overview of data trends 
  • Simplification of task coordination by using visual overview 
  • Minimal or no need for training in the new solution 
  • Easy to scale up due to easy app installation
  • Low development and implementation costs

Smooth workdays and happy end users 

  • Always updated overview of tasks
  • Touch ID sign in
  • Easy and quick registration
  • Checklists for quick overview and quality control
  • Integration with camera for possibility of documentation
  • Customized keyboard
  • Create and complete tasks during the day
  • Full offline availability  


Energinet has about 100 people around the country every day, consisting of own employees and subcontractors, who ensure that the main power  supply is functioning in Denmark.

The challenge for Energinet was a system based on outdated technology, which became increasingly unstable. In addition, system functions such as logging in and recording measurement and inspection values were slow and complex. This meant that many tasks and data were recorded on paper, and only several days/weeks later uploaded to the systems. This resulted in a large amount of extra work, displeasure among employees and a high error  rate in registration.

invokers case quote

Martin Roskvist Aamand

Team Lead, Contract Management, Energinet

“At Energinet we wanted to streamline data collection from our maintenance contractors. Therefore, we were looking for a new mobile solution that could be delivered and implemented within a short period of time and preferably within 3 months. The choice was between a standard solution that would be adapted to our organization or a native app programmed from scratch. We chose a native app solution from invokers.  The whole process has run smoothly and efficiently, and the solution was up and running 3 months after project start. The app has been running steadily and impeccably from day one. 

The optimization for us is that the solution gives our data in SAP a huge boost. The app is quick to log in to and super intuitive. Additionally, it's super easy to install, just like a regular app. All users, regardless of user type and level, internal as well as external, can solve the task, many even without training. A pad on the back to invokers, is that our users report requests for additional app actions. This signals extreme user acceptance.”

About Energinet

Energinet is an independent public company under the Ministry of Energy, Supply and Climate. They own and develop electricity and gas networks in Denmark, employ more than 1,000 employees and has annual sales of 8-9 billion DKK.