invokers have assisted E.ON in a further development of E.ON's B2B Portal, Navigator, a portal for E.ON's key accounts. Customers are, for example, industrial companies, contractors, property managers and housing companies. They are now able to log in to their accounts and not only get an overview of their energy , but also get useful information to control their electricity, gas and district heating.

Analyzing and comparing energy consumption across customer facilities, all the way to timetable-level, allows customers to monitor their energy consumption and identify irregular usage patterns.

These follow-ups across facilities mean that they have the opportunity to capture errors and optimize processes, which is something that can be seen on the bottom line when it comes to energy consumption for several millions of SEK.

In addition, the portal improves administrative services for customers. This allows for example housing associations with numerous of properties, to easily manage invoices and costs.  


Microsoft Azure, SAP NetWeaver & HTML5

The portal runs on a web server hosted on Microsoft Azure, with user interface and design implemented in HTML5/CSS3.

After redesign of the platform, it now runs with a flexible and efficient integration layer against SAP as well as a robust, responsive and solid front-end architecture.

The solution is hosted on Microsoft Windows Azure and E.ON benefits massively from the incredible flexibility of this great cloud platform


Agile and flexible customer portal

invokers has contributed to creating a large customer portal that is agile, flexible and modern and E.ON now has a greater ability to attract and maintain large energy customers.

Architecture, development processes and technology utilisation has been significantly improved and in addition, the portal improves administrative services for customers. 

This allows, for example housing associations with numerous amount of properties, to easily manage invoices and costs.


In a world filled with rapid changes, where customers expect and require smart digital services, businesses are facing only greater demands on web solutions, and E.ON’s business capacity had to be developed to accommodate the changing conditions in the consumer market. E.ON struggled with an expensive and complex system that complicated processes for both E.ON and their customers.
Therefore, E.ON wanted an efficient platform that could be expanded quickly and in a stable manner, to give them the opportunity to offer new, elegant features and digital services to their customers.

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Margareta Weber

Head of Solution Development and Support, E.ON

“invokers is the only consulting company I know that has an absolute focus on building beautiful, user-friendly web and mobile solutions that are linked to the heavy business logic of SAP"

About E.ON
E.ON is an international, privately owned energy supplier. They produce and supply energy in the form of electricity, gas, heat, cooling and waste management as well as energy related services to approximately one million customers. E.ON focuses on innovative customer solutions, renewable energy and distribution of electricity through networks as well as conventional electricity production, energy trading and oil and gas extraction. They have annual sales of approximately 24 billion DKK and employ about 2000 employees.