VESTAS online


In close collaboration with Vestas we have developed a solution with optimal utilization of existing enterprise technology. The solution is capable of delivering maximum performance, scalability and stability across functional domains. The solution supports Vestas' need to continuously deliver new solutions at a very fast pace, without compromising the platform.

The solution is a unique combination of visionary thinking and up-to-date technology that brings unprecedented value to Vestas' brand.


Optimal web service and agile customer support 

Vestas is now able to build future customer-centric web services at a much lower cost and with much better control of the customer channel. Thus, the outcome delivered is Software-as-a-Service, i.e. a modern web design unfolded on a service-oriented architecture. Today's solutions offer consistently high performance on large volumes of real-time web service reporting (Big Data) and quick and agile customer support.


Vestas wanted to increase customer service levels and create new value-adding services. The purpose was to improve customer interaction and generate new revenue sources, as well as be able to meet the needs of a constantly changing market. Including being able to support different customers and roles having different needs. The platform should support and assist domain experts as well as support the creative and technical spirit of an agile setup.

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Torben Bonde

CIO, Senior Vice President, Group IT, Vestas

“On 12 November 2012, the 3rd generation of Vestas Online went live. The project group achieved remarkable results. Vestas IT teamed up with invokers and delivered a first class interaction platform.

About Vestas

Vestas is a global and high-profile energy company that develops, produces, installs and servises environmentally friendly, efficient and modern energy production in the form of wind energy power plants. The company has headquarters in Aarhus, employs over 21,000 employees worldwide and generates around 10 billion euro in annual turnover. Vestas has installed wind turbines in 76 countries worldwide. A large part of this work consists of constructing and raising groups of wind turbines in very exact geographical locations. Vestas thus operates a large number of complex construction projects around the world in connection with installation and commissioning of wind farms.