Who are you?

  • A broad-based SAP Technology Specialist, with a passion for delivering unique solutions to our customers, based on making complex business systems simple and easy-to-use
  • A master in versatile application development as well as architecture and infrastructure
  • You have a good knowledge of most SAP ECC modules, as well as possibly CRM/SRM
  • You have a broad technological foundation within SAP, and system development is a natural foundation you have built on, thus gaining strong competencies within several of the following:
    • ABAP + ABAP Objects
    • SAP Gateway
    • SAP Cloud Platform
    • SAP Fiori & SAPUI5
    • SAP Basis/Technoloyi/NetWeaver
    • Good knowledge of web development, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • You have a healthy interest in new technologies as well as a well-developed sense of when these should - and should not - be used to create the greatest possible business value for our customers. It is therefore important that you have the ability to quickly acquire knowledge and skills in new technology, methodology and tools
  • You have the necessary overview of the software development industry in order to advise the customer, discuss possibilities with colleagues and develop amazing solutions with the available technology
  • Since we have international clients, it is advantageous to master at least one Scandinavian language and English

You will become part of a strong and passionate team where every team member is a specialist within their field and together you provide complete solutions to our customers. In addition, we prioritize close collaboration very highly, both across teams and internally in the team

Send your written application to:
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Who are we?

We are, in all modesty, Denmark's strongest team when it comes to
creating and delivering exciting projects in the intersection of ERP, web and mobility as well as digital business development, to some of Denmark's most exciting customers.

We focus on the user when we, with experience, expertise and business understanding develop simple and high performance applications with a smooth user interface and close integration with SAP. 

We have an innate enthusiasm for technology, strategy and processes - and an ambition to create the optimal synergy between the business, IT and the end-user. 

We work with SAP as a business foundation in many of our solutions, but technologically span a wide range of competencies.

And since 2006, we have created
business value through User Experience.