From great ideas to strong solutions.

We have helped several large Danish companies optimize their complex SAP systems by developing innovative digital solutions.

Site Planner is the Site Manager's tool for the agile microplanning that is required in the work with variable elements and resources. In addition, the tool is a conversion from traditional paper processes to digitization.

In close collaboration with Vestas, we have developed a solution with optimal utilization of existing enterprise technology.
The solution is thus capable of delivering maximum performance, scalability and robustness across functional domains. 

The solution supports Vestas' need to deliver new solutions continuously without compromising the platform at a very fast pace.

By comparing existing work processes with the new and tested processes, developed using Effective Design Thinking, we calculated for the Danish Supermarket Group what value was in making the recommended changes.

invokers developed and integrated a display feature that shows a fully updated image of all necessary data related to the employee on the drilling rig. An easy-to-use solution, customized to the work processes on the drilling rig, which swiftly gives an overview and makes it easier to meet the high security requirements.

Using Effective Design Thinking, we helped Banedanmark to do the necessary and important detailed thoughts about their needs and how a future solution should look in reality. Concrete and visible. That way, they caught the mistakes on time - before they happened.

invokers developed E.ON Business Portal, which is a portal for E.ON's large-scale customers. The portal is agile, flexible and modern, which gives E.ON greater ability to attract and maintain large energy customers.

For Toms, we designed and developed a new handheld solution that does not use middleware. With the solution, Toms can now deliver, return and record stock count from Service Warehouse.