Design & User Experience

User Experience (UX) Design 

When the optimal user experience is delivered, it is about delivering a solution that meets the exact needs of the end user in a direct and accurate way without creating unnecessary complications. 

In addition, it's about creating the simplicity and elegance of the solution, which makes it a pleasure to use.

Good user experiences must go far beyond what the user expects and should contain far more than fulfilling the list of desired functionality.

We have the skills needed to take the solution all the way from the good idea to implementation and go live.

we offer

  • Information Architecture
  • Interface and Navigation Structure
  • interaction Design
  • Page-level layout and user-specific assignment and component flow
  • Development of user-friendliness
  • Development and synchronization of expected and actual user behavior
  • Visual Design
  • Consistent development and visual processing of front end elements and components
  • Prototype development
  • Design and composition of functioning interactive concepts.

SAP UI/UX Strategy roadmap

UX strategy vs. SAP

The requirements to ERP applications only get higher as users' expectations for applications are increasingly formed by Google, Amazon, Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook.

The ERP world as we know it is changing. This also means a change in SAP and it can be difficult to keep track of and hard to relate to your own IT strategy.
SAP is moving from being transaction-driven, desktop-based  and used by experts towards being role-driven, for everyone and mobile.

These changes rub off on the IT and SAP strategy of the company. Therefore, we have made a series of workshops called SAP UI/UX Strategy Roadmap. 

During this process you will:

  • Get to grips with SAP's UI/UX direction 
  • Learn about useful technologies and tools and when to use them
  • Get an assessment of which technologies and tools are relevant to your particular business and users

Furthermore, you will get concrete tools to determine and measure how your future applications should be made to meet the needs of modern IT users.


  • Take control of SAP's overall UI/UX strategy and supportive technologies and tools.
  • Get the required capabilities to put the above in perspective, in relation to your own SAP installation and future use
  • Get practical tools to create and achieve optimal user experience on your ERP applications 


Our SAP UI/UX Strategy Roadmap is delivered as a smaller series of workshops over a short period of time. The workshops will be customized to match your individual needs but will otherwise follow a set course to provide you with an insight into what creates an optimal user experience for your users.