SAP development & Technology

SAP SDK for Apple iOS

Apple and SAP have developed the SAP Cloud Platform Software Development Kit (SDK) for iOS. The combination of sharp and user-friendly iOS features and smooth integration with SAP systems means we can now develop even more user-friendly solutions faster than ever.

The collaboration between SAP and Apple allows developers to build, expand and run iOS apps run by SAP Cloud Platform and enterprise back-end data while making it easier for businesses to access live data.

The SDK is built on Apple's powerful open source programming language, Swift, and you can easily connect to the SDK and utilize frames, UI elements and APIs. SAP has created the new Fiori for iOS design language to bring users' needs and the principles in iOS design together with Apple's user interface guidelines.

With the SDK, apps can utilize the latest interface technologies and built-in sensors to provide the context and experience that users today expect. For example, the SDK allows users to log in or authenticate with Touch ID instead of using password as there is direct integration between Touch ID and SAP's onboarding flow.

With SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Connector, you can also establish a secure connection from any system to your backend systems. Cloud Connector allows all applications and services on SAP Cloud Platform to connect seamlessly and securely to any system inside the company's firewall.

The overview

SAP releases new software and new solutions at a pace that many companies find it difficult to follow. Several have tried to be first-mover on new technologies, but often at high costs.

At invokers we are a team of SAP enthusiasts who make sure we are always up to date - and preferably one step ahead.
We know everything there is to know so you do not have to.

That way we can help you to get started with the new features and make them create value for you.

the right business case

We are very excited about the new SAP strategy as well as the SAP Fiori initiative. But we understand that more of our customers think twice before they get started.

To many, it is also about finding the right business case when developing a new interface for something that already exists and we'll help you do just that. 

We guide you through assessment of everything from business issues and opportunities, benefits, risks and timescale to project outcomes, possibilities of development of a new digital solution and the organizational capabilities. 

try it on

We make special 'Get Started' offers for SAP Fiori and/or SAP Cloud Platform for companies that wish to try the products in their own environment and with their own data.

This eliminates the risk of getting started with new technology, as our price is fixed regardless of possible challenges in the process.

The 'Get Started' offer gets you started quickly and gives you knowledge about the product and its capabilities to mobilize SAP data and processes.
During the whole process we advise on how the SAP UX/UI strategy fits into your company and employees.


Our offer is delivered as a series of workshops where we highlight FIORI, principles, architecture and strategy in your company - including the use of SAP NetWeaver Gateway.

We also introduce you to deployment options (cloud, on-premise, hybrid), including SAP Fiori Cloud Edition, as well as the connection with SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

Then we choose two or three apps to set up on your systems, in collaboration with you.

ABAP, NETWEAVER, HANA, FIORI, PORTAL, JAVA, CLOUD and everything in between

When developing user-friendly and cost-effective solutions based on SAP's enterprise systems it is often an advantage to built or expand using SAP's technological toolbox.

We provide consultants, developers, architects and designers, thus ensuring delivery of the entire package, from development to implementation and maintenance.

Experience with sap modules

  • Human Resources
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Finance & Controlling
  • IS-Utilities
  • Customer Relations Management

FRONT END TEchology and development

User-friendly and well-designed solutions should not only have a nice design - The technology has to be well-functioning, smooth and responsive to the user's input.

We can deliver solutions all the way from the complex integration with SAP to the user's devices, including, for example, web browser, smartphone or tablet.

Our consultants and specialists build solutions based on the best front end technology:
HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, AngularJS, Twitter Bootstrap, etc., as well as having good experience with SAP's latest UI toolkit SAPUI5. Furthermore, we are also viable in developing apps on iOS and Android, as well as hybrid frameworks for these platforms.

And then of course, we know everything there is to know about new and exciting technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

SAP Cloud & Mobility

SAP's many initiatives in cloud and mobility have been a multi-faceted and initially slightly faltering portfolio of technologies and solutions.

Over the past few years, however, SAP has consolidated a truly powerful technology stack that matches the mobile challenges of the future.
At invokers we have experts who can help you with technologies like:

  • SAP Fiori
  • SAPUI5
  • SAP HANA Cloud Platform
  • SAP Mobile Platform

SAP NetWeaver

Development and customization of standard solutions as well as proprietary solutions based on SAP NetWeaver. Including, for example:

  • ABAP
  • Java
  • SAP NetWever Portal
  • SAP NetWeaver Gateway
  • WebDynpro (ABAP & Java)
  • eCommerce, ISA, WCEM
  • Web solutions with BSP