the Team

We design, create and deliver digital solutions and we have been doing it since 2006. We are a joyful and creative team of developers, designers and innovators who are proud of each of the several lines of code we have written and every single one of the countless sticky notes we have used in the process towards creating our many successful solutions.

We are Denmark's strongest team when it comes to designing and delivering exciting projects in the intersection of ERP, web and mobility, as well as digital business development for some of Denmark's most exciting customers.

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invokers Kevin hagemann petersen

Kevin H. Petersen

Partner & CEO


invokers Martin Holm Nielsen

Martin H. Nielsen

Partner & Co-Founder 

Head of Digital Design

invokers John Stubbe

John Stubbe

Partner  & Co-Founder

Head of SAP Technologies

invokers Thomas Ove Rasmussen

Thomas O. Rasmussen


Solution Architect 

invokers Rune Durhuus-Andersen

Rune Durhuus-Andersen

Partner & Co-Founder 

Chief Technology Officer 

invokers Lone Ørum Fredenslund

Lone Ørum

Senior UX/UI Consultant

Digital Design


Jim Jørgensen

Enterprise Architect

Core Development

invokers Morten Toxværd

Morten Toxværd

Senior Consultant
Core Development

invokers Lars Arnbak

Lars R. Arnbak

Associated Partner 

Lead Engineer, Software Engineering

invokers Peter Olsen

Peter Olsen

Senior Consultant

Core Development

invokers Chris Buch

Chris Buch

Senior Consultant
Core Development


Lars Andersson

Associated Partner
Head of Core Development

invokers Michael Winther Rasmussen

Michael W. Rasmussen

Senior Consultant

SAP Technologies


Marie-Louise Ø. Gøtsche

 Senior UI Designer

Digital Design

invokers Lau Lautrup

Lau Lautrup

Senior Consultant


invokers Mikael Gurenius

Mikael Gurenius

Partner Associate

Lead Engineer, SAP & Enterprise

invokers Michael Svith Thøgersen

Michael S. Thøgersen

Associated Partner

Head of Mobility

invokers Syed Shahbaz Hussain

Syed Shahbaz Hussain

Senior Consultant
Core Development

invokers Jesper Andersen

Jesper Andersen

Senior Consultant

SAP Technologies

invokers Peter K. Andersen

Peter K. Andersen

Senior UX Consultant

Digital Design


Thomas J. Andersen




Steffen Søgaard

Solution Provider

Project Manager & SAP Specialist


Lasse V. Jensen

iOS Developer


invokers Martin R. Andersen

Martin R. Andersen 

Software Developer

Core Development

invokers Lærke

Lærke H. Ildvedsen



Harald Eilert

Senior Developer
Core Development

invokers Daniela Radulescu

Daniela Radulescu

Senior Consultant

SAP Technologies

invokers David Kargo

David Kargo

Senior Consultant

 SAP Technologies

invokers Jannike Mogensen

Jannike Mogensen

Senior UX Designer

Digital Design

invokers Morten Lauring

Morten Lauring

Senior Consultant

SAP Technologies


Trine E. Jensen

Design Thinker

Digital Design


Josephine R. Thomsen

UX Designer

Digital Design


Sujeevan Kuganesan

Senior Consultant



Ricki V. Gregersen

Senior Developer


Established in 2006