INVOKERS COVID-19 POLICY - update March 11 2020

Dear Invokers Family Members, 
In the light of the aggressive development of the coronavirus and the urgent request from our government to reduce the risk of transmission, we have to take drastic steps to protect our customers, our company and ourselves. 

New Working Groups

We have decided to split Invokers into working groups and reduce the physical interaction between these groups in order to minimize the risk of spreading the virus. If one of us becomes sick, only one working group will need to be quarantined for 14 days – and not the entire company.

Therefore, from March 11, 2020 and onwards, you are only allowed to meet physically with colleagues within these groups. We know that this may seem drastic and will cause some inconvenience, but we have taken these measures to follow the guidelines and requests set by the government and to ensure that we can keep Invokers running. The policy will be reviewed continually and updated if/when needed.

Example of Working Group Structure

The working groups (outlining employee and customer names) have been communicated internally on March 11, 2020. The following structure has been applied:

Customer 1 Group

20 Invokers employees are authorised to work from a) Site of Customer b) home c) Invokers' office in Aarhus on Mondays

Customer 2 Group

10 Invokers employees are authorised to work from a) Site of Customer b) home c) Invokers' office in Aarhus on Thursdays and Fridays

Customer 3 

7 Invokers employees are authorised to work from a) Site of Customer b) home c) Invokers' office in Copenhagen using 4th and 5th floor only

Customer 4

12 Invokers employees are authorised to work from a) Site of Customer b) home c) Invokers' office in Copenhagen using on 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor

Customer 5...

New General Rules

· If you work from a customer's site, you must always follow their internal corona guidelines – if in doubt, please ask your manager

· No more internal social gatherings across working groups
· Any travel between our three offices must be approved by Martin Holm Nielsen and will only be allowed if there is a significant financial impact by not completing scheduled activities in person
· No travels across country borders – in special cases an approval must be given by Martin Holm Nielsen
· Physical meetings:
o With colleagues: if not within same working group, they must be held online
o With externals at their location: follow their guidelines and do not sit in the same room as an Invokers colleague from a different working group
o With externals at our location (Which should be limited): if not possible to have the meeting online then you must follow the above guidelines for your location/group – eg. if you are in the Customer 1 Group you can have a meeting in the Aarhus office on Mondays.
· Should any of our immunocompromised employees have specific concerns, you are welcome to contact Martin Holm Nielsen

As an additional precaution, we have arranged extra cleaning at our offices. Our cleaning crew will disinfect the below items every day with an alcohol-based gel:

· All door handles
· Mouses/mousepads
· Keyboards
· PC screens
· Coffee machines
· Handles in the kitchen (for drawers and refrigerator)
· Code locks for the doors 

The old rules from our message as of 4 March still apply
· Please wash your hands often with soap and water – or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer if hands are clean and dry
· Cough and sneeze into your arm/elbow
· Avoid contact with individuals who are visibly ill with upper airway symptom(s)
· When possible, clean and disinfect touched objects and surfaces (eg. pc, printer, phone, mouse, desktop) - We have already place alcohol-based hand sanitizer and wipes (for the mouse and keyboard) at all offices.
· If you feel sick, you must stay at home (self-evidently, this has always been the case, but it is more important than ever)

Conferences and larger events (> 25 participants)
At the time of writing we do not want to cancel our events if we can avoid it, but we need to take our precautions. First thing to consider is if we can turn an event into a virtual one. If this is not possible, people from (or recently visiting) risk zones can’t join the events - it will be our responsibility to check and enforce this. Needless to say, we must ensure that sanitary precautions are met.

All Invokers participations in external international conferences should be limited to sales related purpose only (we need to try to keep our business running) and is only permitted if we have relevant/potential local customers going as well. After return the staff must work from home in a period of 14 days.

Minor local events (< 25 participants)
Until local authorities recommend otherwise, we don’t see a problem in minor company gatherings as long as the above mentioned rules are followed.

Be mindful of our customers and their internal policies/guidelines
As consultants we often work at our customers’ sites for longer or shorter periods of time. Please make sure that you are up to date with your customers’ guidelines and rules at all times. You must follow these guidelines at all times - even if they are stricter than our own. Contact the Account Owner / Solution Provider if you are in doubt of where to locate customer guidelines. Please also talk directly to your customer if you are in doubt on how to act after been traveling.

If you experience symptoms of the Corona Virus
Call your local family doctor - do not show up in person or at work as you risk infecting other people. Please also contact your manager. See more guidance here:

As the Corona virus develops every hour an update on the Corona virus from the government’ side can be found her:

The above is valid from end of business day 11 March and until further notice.