We are proud to announce that the Trifork Group has acquired a majority stake in SAPBASIS, a well renowned Danish SAP consulting and operations company.

SAPBASIS has long proven their superiority in the handling of HANA transformation and Cloud integration, and at Invokers we have had the pleasure of working with them on several occasions and thereby experience their ability to secure smooth and stable SAP operations firsthand.

The acquisition of SAPBASIS is of particular interest to Invokers, as we take on the lead as Trifork’s Smart Enterprise division. We work with our customers to increase value through the development of business-critical SAP based solutions. To be able to focus their efforts on digitalization and elevation of performance, our customers need the security of well-run SAP operations – and no one does that better than SAPBASIS.

Going forward, Invokers (Trifork Smart Enterprise), will work closely with Netic A/S and SAPBASIS to deliver BEST RUN SAP in Denmark to our customers, gathering all services under one delivery service model and thereby making it possible for our customers to take advantage of our Total Cost of Ownership offering that enables cost transparency on both developing and running business critical digital solutions.

Alongside CEO Steen Jensen from Netic A/S, Kevin Hageman Petersen, CEO of Invokers, will join the board of SAPBASIS and thereby continuously support the seamless integration of the services we offer our customers.

If you are interested in learning more about how our new service model can support your company in tackling your future digital transformation and development, we would be happy to meet you for lunch. Coffee would work too. To set up a brief and informal meeting, please reach out to one of us:

Kevin Hagemann Petersen (CEO of Invokers): +45 40 25 93 20 /
Steen Jensen (CEO of Netic A/S): +45 22 48 61 93 /
Jesper Riiber Høj (CEO of SAPBASIS): +45 23 20 28 23 /

 Link to the Trifork acquisition statement