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Mobile Inspection Forms is a complete framework for mobile forms management in SAP-centric environments. It includes powerful components, that together provide end-2-end authoring, publishing and form management as well as enablement of powerful data capture capabilities on iPads,  integrated directly into SAP.

Forms are easily managed via the intuitive Form Editor Tool where you can create and adjust any type of form with regard to e.g. input, rules, tasks, SAP data, and workflow.

The iPad solution makes fast and correct data capture a breeze for your field workers inspecting any asset.


 Customizable forms via Form Editor tool

 Workflow enabled, and automatic task distribution 

 Forms pre-filled with previous measurements 

 Advanced on-site measurement validation 

 Real-time SAP PM/CS data

 Full device capability exploitation

(Speech-2-text, GPS, Camera, Touch ID, offline capability)

User-Friendly Smart-Forms 

The solution provides easy-to-use forms for inspecting any asset related to SAP for field workers.

Forms can be automatically pre-filled with relevant information from SAP, have advanced rules and logic and be distributed based on rules and tasks so only context relevant forms are available.

These powerful capabilities relieve the field workers from having to enter redundant information into forms, while increasing data quality by guidance and eliminating human errors.

“The solution from invokers has not only resulted in the elimination of errors, it also means that now all the details in the workflows are well-thought-out."

- Northern European railway customer

Intuitive, integrated and easy-to-use Form Editor

With our intuitive and easy-to-use Form Editor Tool, you can easily add, change or delete any forms related to your SAP assets. 

You can build any form, change distribution rules, rules for approval processes and rules that define the SAP data integration related to the forms as well. 

Most work processes change over time and the forms have to be adjusted accordingly. The simple form editor allows you to make the necessary changes and versions.

Advanced distribution, association and approval engine 

The strong rule engine allows for advanced logic and automation regarding distribution of forms, the association between any form type and data in SAP as well as the approval flow of each form type.

This, being the core of the solution, allows for comprehensive input validation, historic values, data prefilling and work task distribution. 

Furthermore, the approval process supports any needed compliance with regulations and governance around inspections.

PRICING - Transparant & simple

Average deployment cost

Setup cost:


Cost per user:

100-499 Users:


500-1499 Users: $28/user/month

1500+ Users: $18/user/month


iOS Updates, SDK, Device support, 

release 2 t/y

Contract term: 

Minimum 24 months

Average deployment time: 

8-12 weeks

Effective Design Thinking

If you have multiple data sources, ex Oracle, SharePoint, SQL

If you need to comply with specific regulations

Cost: $65,000

Turnkey Solution with iPad

New iPad every 24 months
Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Device insurance
White gloves (distributed to end-user and service return)
Secure Managed Device
Ruggedised casing included 

Cost: + €26 / user / month

(Available in Europe now and in the US shortly)

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