• SAP Next-Gen guest lecture
    SAP Next-Gen guest lecture

    Thomas Ove Rasmussen giving the guest lecture of a lifetime at yesterday's SAP Next-Gen event, entertaining 40 students from Københavns Universitet, IT-Universitetet and Copenhagen Business School. Never before has Design Thinking been this rock & roll.

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  • Women in TechEd: Breaking the Glass Ceiling
    Women in TechEd: Breaking the Glass Ceiling

    Watch Invokers’ Anne Kathrine Petterøe as she goes slightly off topic at TechEd Barcelona to address an important issue: Why are women underrepresented in the SAP community? Malin Liden from SAP is interviewing Anne Kathine Petterøe at the TechEd Live Studio.

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  • Welcome Rasmus
    Welcome Rasmus

    We are happy to add another brilliant profile to our team. Not only is Rasmus Bjerring Pedersen a rather spiffy Business Application Designer, he is also a gin enthusiast. A perfect fit for Invokers.

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  • SAP TechEd Las Vegas
    SAP TechEd Las Vegas

    Absorbing the latest SAP trends and developments at this year's SAP TechEd in Las Vegas. Transforming business data into business value? That about sums up what we do at Invokers.

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  • Design Matters
    Design Matters

    Design Matters 19 gave us something to think about at Invokers. A shift from User Centered Design to Life Centered Design creates a new approach to design. Leaving your ego behind in the design process makes room for designing with a greater purpose.

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  • Hi!

    September marks the beginning of a beautiful relationship between Jacob Bøgh Pedersen, Jens Gram and Invokers. Jens is joining our Core Development team in Aarhus, drawing on years of experience as a team lead and developer. Jacob has spent the last decade working with SAP, and he will continue working wonders with ABAP as he joins our SAP Technologies team. A warm welcome to our team!

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  • A Great Place to Work
    A Great Place to Work

    The results are in! Invokers is once again a certified Great Place to Work® Danmark. 95% of our employees feel that “Taking everything into account, Invokers is a great place to work”. We have been expanding like there is no tomorrow during the past year – new faces, new location, new customers and as a new part of the Trifork family. So many changes in such a short time can prove to be challenging - which gives us even more reason to celebrate an outstanding score of 95%. 

    We couldn’t possibly be prouder of our madly competent coworkers who are showing Invokers a bucketload of trust. With your vote of confidence and your non-replicable skillsets, we will continue our joint, strategic endeavours towards… world domination.

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  • Design-led transformation
    Design-led transformation

    Creative confidence is one of the key ingredients of effective digital transformation. Yesterday, Thomas Ove Rasmussen from Invokers walked us through this simple piece of math: Design Thinking + Lean + Agile = Successful projects and design-led transformation. Another fun GOTO Night hosted by Trifork.

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  • Hi Simon!
    Hi Simon!

    Say hello to Simon Lauridsen, our latest addition to the Invokers family. With more than 7 years of experience developing iOS applications, he is bringing his A game to our office in Aarhus.

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  • SAP/Apple Fast Start
    SAP/Apple Fast Start

    Shout out to Thorsten Georgi and SAP for giving us even more reason to build mobile apps using SAP/Apple devkits!

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  • Thank you, Velliv Foreningen
    Thank you, Velliv Foreningen

    The pace is high at Invokers. Our days are unpredictable, and deadlines are never far away. This creates a fun and dynamic vibe – but also a need for tools to dismantle stressful situations. Thank you Velliv Foreningen for selecting us from among many other applicants - we are thrilled that you will support our efforts to establish a structured way of dealing with stress for all employees at Invokers. An important step in our quest for the best possible work/life balance, facilitated by Center for Mental Robusthed.

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  • New location, new face
    New location, new face

    As we are getting ready to open the doors to our new office in Barcelona, Spain, we have the pleasure of introducing our new Business Unit Manager, Asier Vega Sanchez. He is joining the invokers team to ensure a highly satisfactory end-to-end life cycle of the solutions delivered to our customers from Barcelona. A warm welcome to Asier!

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  • See you in Barcelona!
    See you in Barcelona!

    invokers have made it easy for our customers to estimate how much they will be spending on maintaining and developing their digital solutions by introducing our new product, Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management.

    Part of the services provided will be delivered by dedicated invokers working from our new location in Barcelona, Spain. In addition to delicious tapas, great architecture and thirst clenching wine, Barcelona offers some of the finest SAP specialists, and we are looking forward to adding the best of those to our team of invokers in Spain.

    Stay tuned, as we will be listing open positions in Barcelona within a few weeks. Our new office location will be announced in August. 

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  • About last (GOTO) night...
    About last (GOTO) night...

    Yesterday, the brilliant Thomas Ove Rasmussen from invokers took us through the the key principles of Design Thinking at the monthly GOTO night hosted by Trifork. Thomas explained how the methodologies of Design Thinking, Lean and Agile fit together in practice and how they can be used to tackle strategic pain points. Thank you Thomas!

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  • invokers, Apple, SAP Fast Start from Apple, SAP and invokers
    Fast Start from Apple, SAP and invokers

    Exciting news from us, Apple and SAP: Apple and SAP have curated “Fast Start” packages and we are proud to be one of the selected partners. With our Fast Start package, Mobile Inspection Forms, we can help businesses in industries as e.g. manufacturing, utilities and oil & gas drive digitalization in asset inspection. Through end-2-end authoring, publishing and form management as well as enablement of powerful data capture capabilities on iPads, integrated directly into SAP we can create the future of asset inspections. Read more about Mobile Inspection Forms here.

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    We are ready and look forward to meeting you at SAPPHIRE NOW 2019! 

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  • invokers at SAP Inside Track SAP Inside Track event
    SAP Inside Track event

    Saturday, May 4th Anne Kathrine from our SAP Technologies team will give a speech at the SAP Inside Track event. The topic is “SAP Fiori design for developers” and will focus on how to best use design elements and guidelines of SAP Fiori design to create great user experience. Read more and sign up here.

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  • Welcome to Thomas
    Welcome to Thomas

    Thomas has experience with JavaScript, C# and Swift and has joined our Mobility team in Aarhus today 👏💥

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  • SAP Community Influencer Roundtable
    SAP Community Influencer Roundtable

    Anne Kathrine Petterøe, one of our dedicated SAP specialists, attended SAP’s Community Influencer Roundtable to discuss strategy, changes and technology of SAP. We are really proud to be represented at this forum!

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  • New colleagues at invokers Welcome to Alex and Matthias
    Welcome to Alex and Matthias

    Welcome to Alex and Matthias – 2 new developers at our Core Development Team. Alex has joined our Copenhagen office and Matthias has joined our Aarhus office. We are happy to have you onboard and look forward to building high-class solutions with you both!

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