• Hi Christian!
    Hi Christian!

    Allow us to introduce Christian Thorwest. As of Feb 1, Christian is using his iOS expertise to develop the most magnificent things for screens of all sizes here at Invokers. We are very excited to welcome another talented member to our team!

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  • New CTO
    New CTO

    The presence of a conspicuously cute dog at SAP TechEd should not blur the importance of the following announcement: As of today, Mikael Gurenius is taking the lead as Invokers' new CTO, scouting out the latest technologies and ensuring that the highest level of know-how is embedded in the digital solutions we deliver.

    Throughout his 7 years with Invokers, Mikael has proved to be a strong analytical thinker with a wonderfully creative twist, and we are very much looking forward to follow his lead on technological development.

    On a related note, our former CTO Rune Durhuus-Andersen has stepped down to devote his time and love to an Invokers/Trifork spin-off: Arkyn Studios. Alongside Thomas Juel Andersen and Morten Toxværd , Rune will create simple, lovable productivity Off-the-Shelf apps to augment the ERP systems of the 2020’s.

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  • Mental Fitness: Sharpening our End Game
    Mental Fitness: Sharpening our End Game

    Design Thinker Thomas Ove Rasmussen from Invokers sheds light on how to navigate the mine field that unfolds when digging into digital transformation projects. It's a great read, find it here.

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  • Welcome to Invokers
    Welcome to Invokers

    Say hi to Cecilie Caroline Falch. She has gracefully accepted our offer to join our Design Thinking power house as a student assistant while she works on her master's degree in "Digital Innovation & Management" at ITU Copenhagen.

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  • Mental Fitness that works!
    Mental Fitness that works!

    In November 2019, we decided to shut down operations for 3 full days to explore techniques to strengthen our mental resilience. One of the more tangible results of this seminar is our daily tabata routine. Coupled with individual meditations and team exercises, we are starting to feel the effect. Thank you, Center for Mental Robusthed and Velliv Foreningen for helping us making this happen.

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  • Kick-off 2020
    Kick-off 2020

    The 00's brought us Web 2.0. The 10's added The Cloud to our vocabulary. Invokers are kicking off the 20's by introducing Smart Enterprise, a transformative take on how to increase business value through user-centric digital solutions and thus setting the scene for digital transformation perfected.

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  • Switzerland Design Thinking
    Switzerland Design Thinking

    Wicked problems may seem unsurmountable at first. A team of Invokers is currently in Switzerland, working with a customer to explore new and innovative ways of defining and approaching challenges ahead - a first step in building smarter digital solutions. Oh and never missing an opportunity to turn work into art, our Michael Thøgersen is the gifted photographer documenting the solution to another wicked problem: Mountain infrastructure.

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  • ​Acquisition: Innovate, Build, RUN
    ​Acquisition: Innovate, Build, RUN

    We are proud to announce that the Trifork Group has acquired a majority stake in SAPBASIS, a well renowned Danish SAP consulting and operations company. 

    SAPBASIS has long proven their superiority in the handling of HANA transformation and Cloud integration, and at Invokers we have had the pleasure of working with them on several occasions and thereby experience their ability to secure smooth and stable SAP operations firsthand. Read more.

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  • Design Thinking Travels
    Design Thinking Travels

    With Effective Design Thinking, we test our prototypes to learn even more about the end-users and their needs. This time, our iterative approach led us to Greenland. Not bad for the Christmas spirit. Not bad at all.

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  • Our latest addition
    Our latest addition

    And just like that, Invokers added a substantial amount of IQ points to our company. They come in the shape of Jose Costa Pinto and Joan Molinas Ramon, and we couldn't be happier to welcome this power pack to the team.

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  • Supporting individuals who drive transformation
    Supporting individuals who drive transformation

    Mental fitness is absolutely key when facilitating transforming processes that challenge the staus quo for our customers here at Invokers. Thomas Ove Rasmussen has shared an article on the subject here.

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  • Great Place to Work 2019
    Great Place to Work 2019

    Another milestone to be celebrated at Invokers. Amid an ambitious growth plan and company integration with Trifork Group, our employees have bestowed us with the honour of winning silver in Great Place to Work Denmark survey, ranking us as the 2nd best small IT employer in Denmark. Furthermore, we are thrilled to achieve a whopping 4th place among small companies across sectors in Denmark. Thank you, members of the Invokers team!

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  • Invokers – part of the Trifork Group
    Invokers – part of the Trifork Group

    Winds of international change are blowing in Invokers. We are thrilled to announce that Invokers are becoming fully integrated with the Trifork Group as a result of Trifork’s acquisition of the remaining 49% of our share capital yesterday. 

    The foundation of our strong partnership was laid in 2018, when the Trifork Group acquired 51% of the Invokers company, as they acknowledged our ability to deliver innovative and user-friendly Enterprise software solutions based on SAP. Read more.

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  • A warm welcome to Gregory
    A warm welcome to Gregory

    This Greek South African in Spain speaks SAP fluently, and we are happy to announce that he has made Invokers his new place of work! Gregory Doukas brings the international 'I' to Invokers, and we are looking forward to working with him.

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  • Carsten, step inside our office
    Carsten, step inside our office

    Invokers is pretty darn excited to welcome another specialist to our team: Carsten Overgaard Jensen, who brings 12+ years of experience with SAP processes within service and maintenance and a passion for food to the table. A flavourful combo!

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  • SAP Cloud Platform meeting
    SAP Cloud Platform meeting

    Anne Kathrine Petterøe, our die-hard SAP enthusiast and SAP Mentor, presenting "On Prem to Cloud Portal" at the Danish User Group: SAP Cloud Platform meeting at NNIT yesterday. Interested in joining the user group? Reach out to Anna Richardt Hansen from SAP. 

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  • Gazelle x 2
    Gazelle x 2

    We caught another Gazelle! For the second consecutive year, Invokers is awarded a Børsen Gazelle, celebrating the fact that we are in the midst of a remarkable growth spurt. And we are pretty close to bursting with pride.

    Since 2006, we have been striving to create business value for our customers through simple, high-performing mobile and web solutions with a special focus on the end-user. 

    And our recipe for success seems to be working, based on our latest addition of the antelope species: First you take a group of customers who acknowledge the value of digital innovation and transformation anchored in the needs and ideas of the end-user. Then you add a dedicated and madly skilled group of Invokers that insists on creating cutting-edge yet simple digital solutions to optimize processes and workflows. The result is smarter, cost-reducing solutions that are easy to implement and use. Voila!

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  • New team member
    New team member

    A warm welcome to Emilie Sigrid Sørensen who is joining our administrative team. We are thrilled to be around someone with impressive execution edge and a never-ending patience with IKEA furniture. Welcome to Invokers!

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  • SAP Next-Gen guest lecture
    SAP Next-Gen guest lecture

    Thomas Ove Rasmussen giving the guest lecture of a lifetime at yesterday's SAP Next-Gen event, entertaining 40 students from Københavns Universitet, IT-Universitetet and Copenhagen Business School. Never before has Design Thinking been this rock & roll.

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  • Women in TechEd: Breaking the Glass Ceiling
    Women in TechEd: Breaking the Glass Ceiling

    Watch Invokers’ Anne Kathrine Petterøe as she goes slightly off topic at TechEd Barcelona to address an important issue: Why are women underrepresented in the SAP community? Malin Liden from SAP is interviewing Anne Kathine Petterøe at the TechEd Live Studio.

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