Strengthen your employees' efficiency and commitment with new and innovative enterprise mobility solutions delivered directly from the cloud and down to the individual employee's mobile device.

As the world becomes more and more connected to the cloud, users prefer to use their mobile devices to a greater extent than, for example, their laptop or desktop computer, both in private and on the workplace. Everything you can do at the office can be done on the go and their expectations for ease of use are high!

Therefore, more and more companies choose to move towards a mobile-first strategy, focusing on developing solutions adapted to mobile devices.

Our dedicated Mobility Team specializes in developing mobile enterprise solutions, regardless of the technical platform. We can provide everything from advice on mobile solutions, mobile process management and project implementation to mobile operations and ROI conclusions - including broad competencies in integration, data handling, business systems and security.

At invokers, we especially specialize in SAP's collaboration with Apple and their SDK for Apple iOS.

we can help you with


Enterprise mobility needs assessment

Define application roadmap

Identify key success factors for higher user adoption

Research and define the best technology platforms for your present and future business needs

Design and Migration

Enterprise architecture re-engineering for mobility

Design, develop, deliver and maintain enticing, feature-rich mobile applications

Migrate existing applications to new platforms

Integrate mobile solutions with pre-existing applications

Application Development & Testing

Mobile app development 

User Experience (UX)

Transactions/Commerce enabling apps

Integrated Enterprise apps

Business focused apps

Productivity and workflow apps

Devices & platforms testing

Performance testing

Security testing

Automation testing

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iOS apps connected to SAP backend

Apple and SAP have developed the SAP Cloud Platform Software Development Kit (SDK) for iOS. 

The combination of sharp and user-friendly iOS features and smooth integration with SAP systems means we can now develop even more user-friendly solutions faster than ever.

The collaboration between SAP and Apple allows developers to build, expand and run iOS apps run by SAP Cloud Platform and enterprise backend data while making it easier for businesses to access live data.

New interface technologies

The SDK is built on Apple's powerful open source programming language, Swift, and you can easily connect to the SDK and utilize frames, UI elements and APIs.

SAP has created the new Fiori for iOS design language to bring users' needs and principles to iOS design together with Apple's user interface guidelines.

With the SDK, apps now can utilize the latest interface technologies and built-in sensors to provide the context and experience that users today expect. For example, the SDK makes it possible for users to log in or authenticate with Touch ID instead of using password, as there is direct integration between Touch ID and SAP's onboarding flow.

Optimized safety

With SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Connector, you can also establish a secure connection from any system to your backend systems.

With Cloud Connector it is possible for all applications and services on SAP Cloud Platform to connect seamlessly and securely to any system inside the company's firewall.