Business value through user experience.

We transform enterprises through consumer grade digital applications that turn SAP processes into intelligent and efficient user experience - all while offering full transparency on total cost of ownership. 

Return on investment made easy.


Vestas are pioneers. Not only in renewable energy, but also in enterprise mobility. Invokers has developed a suite of native apps that sets new standards for empowering employees at Vestas based on Apple technology, optimizing efficiency and creating hard-hitting business value from day 1 - saving around 400.000 hours annually. 

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• Effective Design Thinking

• Architecture & Governance

• UX, UI & Design



• Development, Testing and Deployment
•SAP Cloud Platform - Mobile - Fiori
• Apple iOS SDK & Android SDK



• Monitoring & Incident Management
• Operation Management
• Continuous Development

Latest Updates
  • 31/08/2020
    Vestas One Field Service mentioned in Finans/JP

    With Vestas and Apple, Invokers have created the perfect argument in favor of enterprise mobility, and it is newsworthy. 40 IT-systems condensed into 4 user friendly apps, ROI in 6 months and annual savings in the amount of 400.000 hours. Every year. 

    How, you ask?

    We start by figuring out what problem we are solving for whom. This user-centric approach to developing business critical apps makes it possible for us to create solutions that add value to the end user - securing extremely high adoption and thereby SAP-based process optimization. This is what we mean by “business value through user experience”.

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  • 20/08/2020
    Apple showcases how Vestas creates Business value through User Experience

    400.000 hours saved globally every year. We apologize for jumping straight to the conclusion of Invokers’ latest project, OneFieldService for Vestas.

    When digital pioneers like Vestas entrust us with the task of mobilizing their employees, we start by making their users front and center of the process.We need to know what problem we are solving. And for whom.

    In return, we deliver solutions that are clever, intuitive and lovable. In Vestas’ case, four native iOS apps have put real time SAP and other related data straight into the hands of their 10.000 global field service technicians servicing around 80.000 turbines all over the world. Documentation. Time registration. Task management. Swipe, tap, tap. Done.

    Enterprise mobility is where you find today’s competitive edge. As you enhance the quality of your data input, you improve your ability to make the right business decisions. At the right time. For Vestas, the empowering of field service technicians through intuitive and intelligent mobile solutions delivered ROI within 6 months.

    6 months. It’s fairly convincing. Convincing enough for Apple to turn the business case into a success story on

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  • 04/08/2020
    New Head of Digital Design

    When the moon and stars align, people like Nursel Yildirim materialize - a razor sharp design thinker with an impressive track record of developing outstanding user centric digital solutions.

    Luckily, Nursel has decided to join Invokers to create great digital experiences for enterprise users. She will be spearheading our Digital Design & Delivery team, and we can't wait to get the ball rolling. 

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