Invokers specialize in designing and implementing simple and innovative digital solutions focusing on digital business optimization and synergy between the business, complex IT systems and - above all - the end user.

We handle the process all the way from process analysis, development of system design, development of system design, implementation and maintenance, ensuring that you get a process and experience that suits your needs.

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  • Effective Design Thinking
  • Usability Testing
  • User Validation
  • Interaction & Interface Design

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  • Development, Testing and Deployment
  • SAP Cloud Platform - ABAP - HANA - Fiori
  • Apple iOS SDK & Android SDK
  • Quality Assurance

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  • Monitoring & Event Management
  • Incident Management 
  • Operation Management
  • Change Management

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End-user, business and IT 

The strongest way to create business value today is through the end-user experience. This requires an understanding of the business, industry insight, user insight and heavy IT professionalism.

That is what we do. We provide you with strategic and technological advice that ensures that your solution takes you and your business into an entirely new division.

We create simple solutions that ensure satisfied end-users who navigate optimally and efficiently in the new experience you've created for them.

Complex functionality, simple solutions

We design and implement simple, innovative and tailored web and mobile solutions that integrate with the complex functionality of your Enterprise Resource Planning systems.

We have solid experience and always have our keen fingers on the unique pulse of the industry. We love what we do and have done it for a long time!

We understand your business challenges and can help you create exactly the solution you need.

Well-thought-out decisions

We guide you through your decision making process and uncover the processes in your business insuring you sufficient information before making your decisions.

With an
Effective Design Thinking process, you can develop and test your new digital solution in practice - before it is fully developed.

We test and adjust your solution before implementation so that you can base your final decision on specific knowledge, rather than on historical data or instincts.

Successful implementation

Since 2006, we have been working with implementation of digital solutions that integrate with complex system landscapes like SAP.

We are experts in ensuring that implementation becomes a positive experience.

By managing the entire life cycle of the solution, from design and integration to implementation and support, we have a full overview and we can ensure that you get a smooth and successful implementation process with a 100% successful result - on time!