Join us for a roundtable meeting with industry leaders and experts on digital transformation. Invokers creates the framework for enriching and enlightening discussions of the topics below, and our participants provide ERP-perspectives from their end of the table.

Roundtables are held in Aarhus and Copenhagen on a quarterly basis. Give us a heads up if you want to join in - once we have 4-5 companies on the list of participants, we will reach out to settle on a date that works for everyone.

Are you realizing the full potential of your ERP system with your inventory management and stock planning? Discuss ways of increasing the quality of your data input by empowering your employees through value adding mobility solutions.    

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Mobility Energinet is a solution based on the standard components of SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Apple iOS. 

The solution provides Energinet’s employees and subcontractors with an optimized tool that ensures accurate and easy handling of daily tasks and data recording on mobile iOS devices.

Site Planner is the Site Manager's tool for the agile microplanning that is required in the work with variable elements and resources. In addition, the tool is a conversion from traditional paper processes to digitization.

In close collaboration with Vestas, we have developed a solution with optimal utilization of existing enterprise technology.
The solution is thus capable of delivering maximum performance, scalability and robustness across functional domains. 

The solution supports Vestas' need to deliver new solutions continuously without compromising the platform at a very fast pace.