In continuation of a long-standing successful collaboration, invokers have designed and developed a new handheld scanner solution that does not use middleware. With the solution, Toms can now deliver, return and record stock count from Service Warehouse. Employees who pick up spare parts or other materials will find out what they are downloading by scanning a barcode that is located on the shelves or drawers of the materials. They enter orders or cost centers, so consumption places the right place in Tom's accounts.


The solution is built directly on Toms SAP ECC system without middleware or major infrastructure changes and investments. SAP standard technology has been used throughout the solution, and robust Psion handscanners have been chosen to withstand everyday life in the spare parts store.
The hand scanners have access to the network via both WiFi and 3G modem via embedded VPN in the scanner.


The new scanner is much easier to handle for employees than the old one. The use of colors and icons especially made a difference for the user experience.  

The scanner could be used immediately without training and manuals and the solution is very user-friendly which has a very postive effect on the job satisfaction.
The entire technical background is modern and stable, to make it as easy as possible for the IT department to maintain the system. Toms no longer needs to maintain an additional system or pay licenses for software without SAP.


Toms had a solution that included hand scanners based on middleware, i.e. software that provides services for software programs beyond those available from the operating system. However, after a SAP upgrade, the handscanner system was no longer working and therefore Toms was forced to allocate a significant amount of financial ressources to upgrade the middleware solution to continue to be able to use the important hand scanners.

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Birgit Hansen

SAP Consultant, Toms Gruppens IT, Toms

“invokers have been there for us all the way through the implementation stage. You can count on them. They really know their business. And for sure, invokers will be the first we contact the next time we need help with mobile solutions with SAP integration. Quite simply, they are worth their weight in ”Gold Bars”, as we put it at Toms.”

About Toms

Toms is a Danish company established in 1924 and produces chocolate and candy. In addition to Toms, the company consists of Anthon Berg, Pingvin Lakrids and Galle & Jessen. Toms translates for approximately 1.7 billion. Every year, approximately 1,000 employees work and operate in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Germany and Singapore.