• 03/11/2020
    Becoming Trifork Smart Enterprise

    When Invokers joined the Trifork family in 2018, it was with the shared vision to take Invokers' unique SAP offering within enterprise solutions from local to global - and the past two years have proven the viability and strengt of this partnership while handling increasingly more business critical applications. 

    Today, we are thrilled to announce that Invokers is changing its name to Trifork Smart Enterprise. With this name change, we are integrating our SAP capabilities fully with the Trifork brand.

    The Invokers journey started in a Copenhagen basement 14 years ago. With splendid technical solutions to complex digital challenges, Invokers have managed to carve out a prominent market position in the SAP playing field. From the basement, Invokers has matured into a preferred digitalization partner to large, Danish companies, and this has not gone unnoticed by giants like Apple and SAP.

    Since 2018, we have worked closely with Trifork to solidify our unique market position in the Smart Enterprise business area. We help large organizations drive their digitalization in core processes, deliver performance improvements and improve employee satisfaction through great user experience.

    As Trifork Smart Enterprise, we cover the entire process from design, to development, to implementation and to operations, delivering a strong value proposition in the full life cycle to its customer by leveraging the SAP Cloud Platform in combination with the Trifork Group services, to deliver and support the digitalized enterprise.

    With this name change, we will be able to operate more seamlessly in international markets where Trifork is a household brand name, and thereby extending the reach of our digital transformation services in the SAP sphere.

    Our name change has no practical impact on our relationship with existing customers. Contracts will remain unchanged, our CVR number stays the same, and the core team members allocated to your projects will not change as a result of our brand transition.

    We truly value our strong and mutually beneficial customer relationships that typically last for many years, and we hope that this transition will be well received by all of you.

    All the best,
    Kevin Hagemann Petersen
    CEO of Trifork Smart Enterprise Nordics, formerly known as Invokers

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  • 21/09/2020
    Virtual Tech Update: Enterprise Mobility

    Save the date. Savour the insights.

    On October 6, we would love to invite you for a tech run down and best practices within enterprise mobility as we welcome Nima Zandi, Apple Enterprise Denmark and Lars Bo Hassinggaard, Royal Greenland for a Trifork Virtual Tech Update for Business hosted by Martin Holm Nielsen, founding partner at Invokers.

    Please join us if you are interested in empowering your work force through enterprise mobility to create a true competitive advantage. Sign up here: https://lnkd.in/dU7a7qY

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  • 18/09/2020
    Read our opinion in Finans

    Why do we offer our employees digital solutions that are anything less than perfect? Lagging and lacking user experiences will convert enterprise users to non-users in the blink of an eye.

    Martin Holm Nielsen is challenging companies to make enterprise users front and center when developing digital solutions for internal use. If we develop value-adding and lovable solutions for everyday tasks, user adoption skyrockets and ROI is just around the corner.

    Read the full opinion piece from Sep 16 in Finans - in Danish.

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  • 14/09/2020
    Atea SAP Fast Start

    Hardware. Software. Service. 3-in-1. It's a Kinder Surprise for the enterprise.

    Invokers have partnered with Atea Danmark and Apple to bring SAP into the hands of your employees. With our enterprise mobility solutions, you can reap the full logistics potential of your SAP system.

    We will tell you all about it, if you ask us to. All.


    Read more here.

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  • 31/08/2020
    Vestas One Field Service mentioned in Finans/JP

    With Vestas and Apple, Invokers have created the perfect argument in favor of enterprise mobility, and it is newsworthy. 40 IT-systems condensed into 4 user friendly apps, ROI in 6 months and annual savings in the amount of 400.000 hours. Every year. 

    How, you ask?

    We start by figuring out what problem we are solving for whom. This user-centric approach to developing business critical apps makes it possible for us to create solutions that add value to the end user - securing extremely high adoption and thereby SAP-based process optimization. This is what we mean by “business value through user experience”.

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  • 20/08/2020
    Apple showcases how Vestas creates Business value through User Experience

    400.000 hours saved globally every year. We apologize for jumping straight to the conclusion of Invokers’ latest project, OneFieldService for Vestas.

    When digital pioneers like Vestas entrust us with the task of mobilizing their employees, we start by making their users front and center of the process.We need to know what problem we are solving. And for whom.

    In return, we deliver solutions that are clever, intuitive and lovable. In Vestas’ case, four native iOS apps have put real time SAP and other related data straight into the hands of their 10.000 global field service technicians servicing around 80.000 turbines all over the world. Documentation. Time registration. Task management. Swipe, tap, tap. Done.

    Enterprise mobility is where you find today’s competitive edge. As you enhance the quality of your data input, you improve your ability to make the right business decisions. At the right time. For Vestas, the empowering of field service technicians through intuitive and intelligent mobile solutions delivered ROI within 6 months.

    6 months. It’s fairly convincing. Convincing enough for Apple to turn the business case into a success story on apple.com

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  • 04/08/2020
    New Head of Digital Design

    When the moon and stars align, people like Nursel Yildirim materialize - a razor sharp design thinker with an impressive track record of developing outstanding user centric digital solutions.

    Luckily, Nursel has decided to join Invokers to create great digital experiences for enterprise users. She will be spearheading our Digital Design & Delivery team, and we can't wait to get the ball rolling. 

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  • 08/04/2020
    Double welcome

    Selfie renaissance! Proudly introducing Andy Vidkjær and Sebastian Rask Jepsen, joining the team of Invokers while working from home. 

    We have had the pleasure of working with Sebastian for years, and we are thrilled to make him an official part of our mobility specialist team. Andy has been going full stack forever, and he is an experienced addition to the Invokers team.

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  • 24/03/2020
    Working together virtually

    "I'll get back to you as soon as we return to work” is not a sustainable approach to the current, global situation. Now is the time for business leaders to strengthen company performance to keep the business going during and after the COVID-19 crisis.

    Ten days ago, Invokers implemented a series of initiatives to support our colleagues and our business in the best possible way to continue delivering solutions and support to our customers - making our customers more agile, mobile and able to work remotely.
    The results of our new initiatives are positive. We are currently maintaining our usual sprint velocity of 95-105% - in other words, we are performing at an unchanged level while working virtually together.
    Right now, we are testing out new tools to develop an online version of our Effective Design Thinking workshops. We are very happy to see our customers embrace our new setup and work together with us to stay operational.

    Stay safe, be well.

    Kevin Hagemann Petersen, CEO of Invokers

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  • 16/03/2020
    From home for now

    Last week, Invokers' 3 locations turned into 50. As we build and support business critical solutions for our customers, we are keeping the wheels in motion from home for now - doing our part to slow the spread of COVID-19. Even while we are far apart, we are in this together.

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  • 09/03/2020
    On your marks, Marc

    Marc Huguet Blasi is his name. iOS is his game. And this is among the many reasons we are happy to welcome him to the Invokers Mobility team. We can't wait to see how he turns enterprise software into consumer grade experiences.

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  • 03/03/2020
    QCon reflections

    This week, we are at QCon in London. A panel discussion on microservices had us reflecting on whether they are worth the operational burden they incur. If microservices truly are the answer to your problem, you proactively need to address the associated fragmentation of your technology stack and muddled service ownership in your organization.

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  • 25/02/2020
    Highlights from Launch Event

    Champagne: Chilled. Cake: Awesome. Company: Spectacular. Our SAP AppHaus Network launch last week was a success by design, celebrating becoming part of a global network of likeminded design thinkers. Visit our LinkedIn page for a short video from the event. 

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  • 18/02/2020
    Part of the SAP AppHaus Network

    Today, Invokers celebrate our new partnership with SAP AppHaus Network. It is such an honor to be part of a world wide web of likeminded companies that guide customers to leverage SAP technologies and a human-centered innovation approach to solve business challenges and create measurable value.

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  • 03/02/2020
    Hi Christian!

    Allow us to introduce Christian Thorwest. As of Feb 1, Christian is using his iOS expertise to develop the most magnificent things for screens of all sizes here at Invokers. We are very excited to welcome another talented member to our team!

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  • 03/02/2020
    New CTO

    The presence of a conspicuously cute dog at SAP TechEd should not blur the importance of the following announcement: As of today, Mikael Gurenius is taking the lead as Invokers' new CTO, scouting out the latest technologies and ensuring that the highest level of know-how is embedded in the digital solutions we deliver.

    Throughout his 7 years with Invokers, Mikael has proved to be a strong analytical thinker with a wonderfully creative twist, and we are very much looking forward to follow his lead on technological development.

    On a related note, our former CTO Rune Durhuus-Andersen has stepped down to devote his time and love to an Invokers/Trifork spin-off: Arkyn Studios. Alongside Thomas Juel Andersen and Morten Toxværd , Rune will create simple, lovable productivity Off-the-Shelf apps to augment the ERP systems of the 2020’s.

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  • 30/01/2020
    Mental Fitness: Sharpening our End Game

    Design Thinker Thomas Ove Rasmussen from Invokers sheds light on how to navigate the mine field that unfolds when digging into digital transformation projects. It's a great read, find it here.

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  • 27/01/2020
    Welcome to Invokers

    Say hi to Cecilie Caroline Falch. She has gracefully accepted our offer to join our Design Thinking power house as a student assistant while she works on her master's degree in "Digital Innovation & Management" at ITU Copenhagen.

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  • 23/01/2020
    Mental Fitness that works!

    In November 2019, we decided to shut down operations for 3 full days to explore techniques to strengthen our mental resilience. One of the more tangible results of this seminar is our daily tabata routine. Coupled with individual meditations and team exercises, we are starting to feel the effect. Thank you, Center for Mental Robusthed and Velliv Foreningen for helping us making this happen.

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  • 20/01/2020
    Kick-off 2020

    The 00's brought us Web 2.0. The 10's added The Cloud to our vocabulary. Invokers are kicking off the 20's by introducing Smart Enterprise, a transformative take on how to increase business value through user-centric digital solutions and thus setting the scene for digital transformation perfected.

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  • 14/01/2020
    Switzerland Design Thinking

    Wicked problems may seem unsurmountable at first. A team of Invokers is currently in Switzerland, working with a customer to explore new and innovative ways of defining and approaching challenges ahead - a first step in building smarter digital solutions. Oh and never missing an opportunity to turn work into art, our Michael Thøgersen is the gifted photographer documenting the solution to another wicked problem: Mountain infrastructure.

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  • 08/01/2020
    ​Acquisition: Innovate, Build, RUN

    We are proud to announce that the Trifork Group has acquired a majority stake in SAPBASIS, a well renowned Danish SAP consulting and operations company. 

    SAPBASIS has long proven their superiority in the handling of HANA transformation and Cloud integration, and at Invokers we have had the pleasure of working with them on several occasions and thereby experience their ability to secure smooth and stable SAP operations firsthand. Read more.

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  • 12/12/2019
    Design Thinking Travels

    With Effective Design Thinking, we test our prototypes to learn even more about the end-users and their needs. This time, our iterative approach led us to Greenland. Not bad for the Christmas spirit. Not bad at all.

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  • 26/11/2019
    Our latest addition

    And just like that, Invokers added a substantial amount of IQ points to our company. They come in the shape of Jose Costa Pinto and Joan Molinas Ramon, and we couldn't be happier to welcome this power pack to the team.

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  • 18/11/2019
    Supporting individuals who drive transformation

    Mental fitness is absolutely key when facilitating transforming processes that challenge the staus quo for our customers here at Invokers. Thomas Ove Rasmussen has shared an article on the subject here.

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  • 12/11/2019
    Great Place to Work 2019

    Another milestone to be celebrated at Invokers. Amid an ambitious growth plan and company integration with Trifork Group, our employees have bestowed us with the honour of winning silver in Great Place to Work Denmark survey, ranking us as the 2nd best small IT employer in Denmark. Furthermore, we are thrilled to achieve a whopping 4th place among small companies across sectors in Denmark. Thank you, members of the Invokers team!

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  • 08/11/2019
    Invokers – part of the Trifork Group

    Winds of international change are blowing in Invokers. We are thrilled to announce that Invokers are becoming fully integrated with the Trifork Group as a result of Trifork’s acquisition of the remaining 49% of our share capital yesterday. 

    The foundation of our strong partnership was laid in 2018, when the Trifork Group acquired 51% of the Invokers company, as they acknowledged our ability to deliver innovative and user-friendly Enterprise software solutions based on SAP. Read more.

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  • 07/11/2019
    A warm welcome to Gregory

    This Greek South African in Spain speaks SAP fluently, and we are happy to announce that he has made Invokers his new place of work! Gregory Doukas brings the international 'I' to Invokers, and we are looking forward to working with him.

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  • 05/11/2019
    Carsten, step inside our office

    Invokers is pretty darn excited to welcome another specialist to our team: Carsten Overgaard Jensen, who brings 12+ years of experience with SAP processes within service and maintenance and a passion for food to the table. A flavourful combo!

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  • 30/10/2019
    SAP Cloud Platform meeting

    Anne Kathrine Petterøe, our die-hard SAP enthusiast and SAP Mentor, presenting "On Prem to Cloud Portal" at the Danish User Group: SAP Cloud Platform meeting at NNIT yesterday. Interested in joining the user group? Reach out to Anna Richardt Hansen from SAP. 

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  • 22/10/2019
    Gazelle x 2

    We caught another Gazelle! For the second consecutive year, Invokers is awarded a Børsen Gazelle, celebrating the fact that we are in the midst of a remarkable growth spurt. And we are pretty close to bursting with pride.

    Since 2006, we have been striving to create business value for our customers through simple, high-performing mobile and web solutions with a special focus on the end-user. 

    And our recipe for success seems to be working, based on our latest addition of the antelope species: First you take a group of customers who acknowledge the value of digital innovation and transformation anchored in the needs and ideas of the end-user. Then you add a dedicated and madly skilled group of Invokers that insists on creating cutting-edge yet simple digital solutions to optimize processes and workflows. The result is smarter, cost-reducing solutions that are easy to implement and use. Voila!

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  • 21/10/2019
    New team member

    A warm welcome to Emilie Sigrid Sørensen who is joining our administrative team. We are thrilled to be around someone with impressive execution edge and a never-ending patience with IKEA furniture. Welcome to Invokers!

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  • 11/10/2019
    SAP Next-Gen guest lecture

    Thomas Ove Rasmussen giving the guest lecture of a lifetime at yesterday's SAP Next-Gen event, entertaining 40 students from Københavns Universitet, IT-Universitetet and Copenhagen Business School. Never before has Design Thinking been this rock & roll.

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  • 08/10/2019
    Women in TechEd: Breaking the Glass Ceiling

    Watch Invokers’ Anne Kathrine Petterøe as she goes slightly off topic at TechEd Barcelona to address an important issue: Why are women underrepresented in the SAP community? Malin Liden from SAP is interviewing Anne Kathine Petterøe at the TechEd Live Studio.

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  • 02/10/2019
    Welcome Rasmus

    We are happy to add another brilliant profile to our team. Not only is Rasmus Bjerring Pedersen a rather spiffy Business Application Designer, he is also a gin enthusiast. A perfect fit for Invokers.

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  • 27/09/2019
    SAP TechEd Las Vegas

    Absorbing the latest SAP trends and developments at this year's SAP TechEd in Las Vegas. Transforming business data into business value? That about sums up what we do at Invokers.

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  • 20/09/2019
    Design Matters

    Design Matters 19 gave us something to think about at Invokers. A shift from User Centered Design to Life Centered Design creates a new approach to design. Leaving your ego behind in the design process makes room for designing with a greater purpose.

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  • 10/09/2019

    September marks the beginning of a beautiful relationship between Jacob Bøgh Pedersen, Jens Gram and Invokers. Jens is joining our Core Development team in Aarhus, drawing on years of experience as a team lead and developer. Jacob has spent the last decade working with SAP, and he will continue working wonders with ABAP as he joins our SAP Technologies team. A warm welcome to our team!

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  • 09/09/2019
    A Great Place to Work

    The results are in! Invokers is once again a certified Great Place to Work® Danmark. 95% of our employees feel that “Taking everything into account, Invokers is a great place to work”. We have been expanding like there is no tomorrow during the past year – new faces, new location, new customers and as a new part of the Trifork family. So many changes in such a short time can prove to be challenging - which gives us even more reason to celebrate an outstanding score of 95%. 

    We couldn’t possibly be prouder of our madly competent coworkers who are showing Invokers a bucketload of trust. With your vote of confidence and your non-replicable skillsets, we will continue our joint, strategic endeavours towards… world domination.

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  • 27/08/2019
    Design-led transformation

    Creative confidence is one of the key ingredients of effective digital transformation. Yesterday, Thomas Ove Rasmussen from Invokers walked us through this simple piece of math: Design Thinking + Lean + Agile = Successful projects and design-led transformation. Another fun GOTO Night hosted by Trifork.

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  • 05/08/2019
    Hi Simon!

    Say hello to Simon Lauridsen, our latest addition to the Invokers family. With more than 7 years of experience developing iOS applications, he is bringing his A game to our office in Aarhus.

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  • 02/08/2019
    SAP/Apple Fast Start

    Shout out to Thorsten Georgi and SAP for giving us even more reason to build mobile apps using SAP/Apple devkits!

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  • 31/07/2019
    Thank you, Velliv Foreningen

    The pace is high at Invokers. Our days are unpredictable, and deadlines are never far away. This creates a fun and dynamic vibe – but also a need for tools to dismantle stressful situations. Thank you Velliv Foreningen for selecting us from among many other applicants - we are thrilled that you will support our efforts to establish a structured way of dealing with stress for all employees at Invokers. An important step in our quest for the best possible work/life balance, facilitated by Center for Mental Robusthed.

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  • 19/06/2019
    New location, new face

    As we are getting ready to open the doors to our new office in Barcelona, Spain, we have the pleasure of introducing our new Business Unit Manager, Asier Vega Sanchez. He is joining the invokers team to ensure a highly satisfactory end-to-end life cycle of the solutions delivered to our customers from Barcelona. A warm welcome to Asier!

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  • 17/06/2019
    See you in Barcelona!

    invokers have made it easy for our customers to estimate how much they will be spending on maintaining and developing their digital solutions by introducing our new product, Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management.

    Part of the services provided will be delivered by dedicated invokers working from our new location in Barcelona, Spain. In addition to delicious tapas, great architecture and thirst clenching wine, Barcelona offers some of the finest SAP specialists, and we are looking forward to adding the best of those to our team of invokers in Spain.

    Stay tuned, as we will be listing open positions in Barcelona within a few weeks. Our new office location will be announced in August. 

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  • 14/06/2019
    About last (GOTO) night...

    Yesterday, the brilliant Thomas Ove Rasmussen from invokers took us through the the key principles of Design Thinking at the monthly GOTO night hosted by Trifork. Thomas explained how the methodologies of Design Thinking, Lean and Agile fit together in practice and how they can be used to tackle strategic pain points. Thank you Thomas!

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  • invokers, Apple, SAP
    Fast Start from Apple, SAP and invokers

    Exciting news from us, Apple and SAP: Apple and SAP have curated “Fast Start” packages and we are proud to be one of the selected partners. With our Fast Start package, Mobile Inspection Forms, we can help businesses in industries as e.g. manufacturing, utilities and oil & gas drive digitalization in asset inspection. Through end-2-end authoring, publishing and form management as well as enablement of powerful data capture capabilities on iPads, integrated directly into SAP we can create the future of asset inspections. Read more about Mobile Inspection Forms here.

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  • 07/05/2019

    We are ready and look forward to meeting you at SAPPHIRE NOW 2019! 

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  • invokers at SAP Inside Track
    SAP Inside Track event

    Saturday, May 4th Anne Kathrine from our SAP Technologies team will give a speech at the SAP Inside Track event. The topic is “SAP Fiori design for developers” and will focus on how to best use design elements and guidelines of SAP Fiori design to create great user experience. Read more and sign up here.

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  • 01/05/2019
    Welcome to Thomas

    Thomas has experience with JavaScript, C# and Swift and has joined our Mobility team in Aarhus today 👏💥

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  • 01/05/2019
    SAP Community Influencer Roundtable

    Anne Kathrine Petterøe, one of our dedicated SAP specialists, attended SAP’s Community Influencer Roundtable to discuss strategy, changes and technology of SAP. We are really proud to be represented at this forum!

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  • New colleagues at invokers
    Welcome to Alex and Matthias

    Welcome to Alex and Matthias – 2 new developers at our Core Development Team. Alex has joined our Copenhagen office and Matthias has joined our Aarhus office. We are happy to have you onboard and look forward to building high-class solutions with you both!

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  • Royal Greenland & invokers Design Thinking workshop
    Solution Space Workshop with Royal Greenland

    Next exciting step on our journey with Royal Greenland: Review of Golden Thread. 

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  • invokers UX COPENHAGEN 2019
    UX Copenhagen 2019

    Thanks for a couple of exciting days at UX Copenhagen 2019. Great speakers and creative workshops have taught us about, among other things, new trends and how to design with focus on transparency, ethics and diversity.

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  • invokers at SAP - SAP Cloud Platform
    SAP Cloud Platform Workshop at SAP

    Last week we stopped by SAP's office at Lautrupsgade to give some of SAP's customers an introduction and a little inspiration on how to use SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services, User Experience and how they can gain value through the solutions on the platform.

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  • Sophia, new student assistant at invokers
    Welcome to Sophia

    Friday, we welcomed our new student assistant, Sophia. She studies for a master’s degree in Digital Innovation and Management and has joined our Digital Design team at our office in Copenhagen. We are happy to have you onboard!

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  • Tech update with Apple, Energinet at Trifork
    invokers at Trifork Accelerate Tech Update with Apple and Energinet

    A big thank you to Nima Zandi from Apple and Martin Roskvist Aamand from Energinet for speaking at Trifork Accelerate Tech Update on how to accelerate innovation for enterprise apps through great user experience.

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  • Anders Faurholdt Project Manager invokers
    ​Another star has joined the invokers team!

    Welcome to Anders Faurholdt! He has experience as iOS and Android developer and holds an MIT and an MBA in Business Administration. He has joined our office in Aarhus and will be working as Project Manager. Big welcome to Anders!

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  • Mikkel S. Sørensen invokers
    ​Say hi to Mikkel Selsøe Sørensen

    Mikkel joined our office in Copenhagen today, is an experienced iOS Developer and is now a part of our Mobility team.
    Welcome! We are happy to have you onboard!

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  • invokers Christmas donation
    ​The result of our Christmas donation is in - Thanks for voting!

Once again, we decided to to make a donation rather than giving our customers and network a Christmas gift. We also asked them what they wanted the donation to go towards, and in collaboration with CARE, we gave them the opportunity of donating towards either hashtag#NoPoverty, hashtag#ZeroHunger and hashtag#ClimateAction - 3 of UN’s 17 SDG’s.

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  • Anne Kathrine new team member at invokers
    Welcome to Anne Kathrine

    What better way to start off a new year than by welcoming a new team member? Today Anne Kathrine joined us, more specifically our SAP Technologies team in Copenhagen. 

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  • Meet an invokers family member
    Meet an invokers family member

    Meet Lasse. 

    Lasse joined the invokers family in May 2018 and is one of the guys who develops iOS based on SAP's Fiori SDK for our customers. He is especially an expert in finding elegant solutions to complex problems.
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  • Intern at invokers
    UX Design intern

    Today we welcomed Nicklas. This week he is a UX Design intern at our office in Copenhagen. Nicklas is 16 years old and is in 10th grade at Bornholm. During the week he will be working with one of his own app ideas together with our UX Designer Jannike and present the result to us all on Friday. We look forward to it!

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  • invokers at GOTO CPH 2018
    Highlights from GOTO CPH 2018

    This year's GOTO conference is over, and our heads have been filled with information and news from the IT world. 

    We have summed up the highlights for you in this post!

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  • 14/11/2018
    invokers at Great Place to Work celebration

    We are extra proud and happy today! Yesterday, Denmark's Best Workplaces were celebrated a major event in Cirkusbygningen, where we, the invokers family, landed a fantastic 4th place in the category Best Small Workplaces in the IT industry. 

    In addition, we move up 3 places and hit a magnificent 13th place in the overall category, Best Small Workplaces in Denmark.

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  • Nye medarbejdere hos invokers
    Welcome to Karen and Sandro

    Karen is educated in the digital field, focusing on graphic expertise, digital concept development and UX/UI design. She is joining our Digital Design team, where she will work with UI and UX at our office in Aarhus.

    Sandro has extensive experience with UI5, ODATA and ABAP, has joined our SAP Technology team and will have base at our office in Copenhagen.
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  • invokers at SAP NextGen Workshop Front-end Development & App Design
    invokers at SAP Next Gen Workshop

    Thanks to the students at SAP Next Gen for their great presentations yesterday at the workshop about Front-end Development & App Design - And congrats to the winning team!

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  • new faces at invokers
    ​Say hi to Ricki and Sujeevan!

    Two new faces at invokers. Sujeevan has joined our Copenhagen office and Ricki has joined our office in Aarhus. They are both a part of our Mobility Team and will be working with development of native iOS apps.

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  • invokers TechEd 2018 Las Vegas
    ​​That’s a wrap for SAP TechEd Las Vegas 2018!

    Great event, amazing people and powerful innovation.

    SAP’s approach to digital businessdevelopment is continuously changing, improving and starting to focus more on custom development. With their new development paradigms, specially designed tools, etc., SAP encourages customers to develop their own unique, innovative solutions and the technology is now so mature that it provides the best prerequisites for creating differentiating solutions - All in all, SAP’s approaches are starting to match invokers' mindset and approach to innovation more and more and we look forward to trying out the new tools.

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  • invokers Børsen Gazelle 2018
    Børsen Gazelle 2018

    Another milestone in the history of the invokers-family has been reached

    We are proud to announce that we have been named "Børsen Gazelle 2018" due to our rapid growth during the past 4 years. 

    Big thanks to everyone on our amazing invokers team! - Thanks for being awesome, hardworking and making a huge effort every single day to create the best possible solutions for our customers. ⚡️ 🤜 🤛 ⚡️

    And thanks to our customers for letting us be a part of your digital journeys!
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  • invokers at TechEd Las Vegas 2018
    invokers at TechEd Las Vegas 2018

    Next up on the invokers-agenda: SAP Teched Las Vegas next week. 

    Looking forward to getting the opportunity to discuss and influence future product functionality.

    See you there?

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  • invokers at SAP Innovation Forum 2018
    SAP Innovation Forum 2018

    We’ve had 2 amazing and intense days at SAP Innovation Forum Nordics 2018! Big thanks to Royal Greenland for contributing to the SAP Run Live Sprint hackathon with an extraordinary and interesting business challenge. - And congrats to the SAP team on winning the challenge!

    In addition to the hackathon, the 2 days focused on the latest technology within customer engagement, IoT, supply chain, finance, HR and the program was packed with live innovations, case studies, solution demos, workshops and an exciting expo area.

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  • invokers and royal greenland preparing for Innovation Forum 2018
    Invokers & Royal Greenland - Design Thinking Workshop before SAP Innovation Forum 2018

    After Design Thinking workshops with Royal Greenland, we have learned a lot about both their business and the fishermen's daily processes and we are now ready to come up with a solution that can create value for all parties. We look forward to seeing everyone at SAP Innovation Forum 19-20 September where we participate in RUN LIVE Sprint. Come and say hi!

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  • invokers is a great place to work
    invokers is a great place to work

    It’s official! - Once again, invokers has been certified as a great place to work by Great Place to Work - Denmark. 🎉

    One of the most important things for us is to make sure we create the best environment and the best opportunities at the workplace - and that we remain a great place to work.

    Our use of Great Place to Work’s employee survey and culture analysis means that we get the opportunity to get good insights, e.g. into our culture, and can work determinedly to become an even greater place to work.

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  • New employee at invokers
    New addition to the team

    Meet the newest addition to the invokers family: Josephine Raun Thomsen. Josephine holds a MSc in IT and Product Development with focus on user needs. She has joined our team in Copenhagen and will be working as a UX Designer. Welcome! ⭐️

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  • invokers Trifork acquisition
    Invokers strengthen their position by becoming part of Trifork

    We are proud to announce that we have entered into a strategic agreement with Trifork, which has invested in Invokers by purchasing 51% of the share capital. We have thus become a member of the amazing Trifork family!

    We have considered the collaboration carefully and are confident that Trifork is an extremely compatible match when it comes to core elements such as culture, values, competencies and ability to renew and deliver value to customers.

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  • invokers at SAP Innovation Forum 2018
    SAP Innovation Forum is getting closer

    This year's SAP Innovation Forum Nordics in Copenhagen is on 19-20 September and again this year, a strong team from invokers will join the event. It's a 2-day event that brings together SAP users, partners and solution experts from the Nordics, allowing you and us to explore how digital transformation through SAP solutions can help significantly optimize processes and strategic business models in your business.

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  • 19/06/2018
    SAP Code Challenge: iOS Enterprise Apps

    Our team rethinks Enterprise Apps and, on this 2 day Code Challenge, we are competing to design and develop the most innovative iOS enterprise app using the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS - along with technologies such as Machine Learning and Augmented Reality.

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  • invokers at Worldwide Developers Conference 2018
    BLOG: Highlights from Worldwide Developers Conference 2018

    For those of us who weren't able to join the Worldwide Developers Conference, our Head of Mobile Development, Michael Svith Thøgersen is sharing the highlights in his latest blog post.

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    SAP Innovation Award - SAPPHIRE NOW 2018

    Thanks to Vestas for an amazing couple of days at Sapphire Now. We are honored that we got the opportunity to present the Site Planner solution with you – and of course, proud and happy to be there when you received the SAP innovation Award! 

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  • Sapphire now 2018 invokers
    invokers at Sapphire Now 2018

    Martin Holm Nielsen and Thomas Ove Rasmussen from invokers have arrived in Orlando at Sapphire Now 2018 and are ready to participate in an interesting program – Started out with the Fiori Makers Club yesterday to discuss the UX development in SAP Fiori and today at 2.45pm at the pre-conference we will go on stage with Asier Vega Sanchez from Vestas to talk about the digital experience that Vestas has achieved with SCP and SAP/Apple collaboration.

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  • invokers WWDC 2018
    invokers at Worldwide Developers Conference 2018

    Michael Svith Thøgersen from invokers is at Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California - ready for an exciting WWDC18 conference and looking forward to hearing about new technologies.

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  • invokers Seminar about Design Thinking & Digital Transformation
    ​SEMINAR: Design Thinking & Digital Transformation

    Thanks to the participants for an inspiring and exciting day! We talked about the importance of focusing on the user experience, building Personas and how to use them to develop Value Propositions, thus creating value for the user/customer. And above all, we got to work with the tools on a test case.

    See more pictures here

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  • colleagues at invokers

    Today we welcomed two new members to the invokers family - at our office in Aarhus: Design Thinker Trine Engelbrecht Jensen and iOS Developer Lasse Vestergaard Hansen 👏💥

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    SAP Innovation Award 2018 - WINNER

    Huge congratulations to Vestas and Asier Vega Sanchez for winning the Digital Transformation #SAPInnovation Award 2018 🏆
    We are so proud to be a part of the project! Read more about the solution here. 

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  • invokers teaching design thinking at UCN
    TEACHING Design Thinking

    The past two days Peter K. Andersen and Thomas Ove Rasmussen have had the pleasure of telling students and teachers at University College Nordjylland a little bit about how we work with Design Thinking at invokers!

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  • invokers seminar design thinking
    SEMINAR in Aarhus: Are you curious about how to get started with Digital Transformation?

    Tuesday, May 8, 2018 in Aarhus we host a seminar about how Design Thinking and Digital Transformation can benefit your business. We will provide you with knowledge of new and innovative ways to create a digital strategy as well as specific tools you can use right away. 

    We look forward to seeing you!

    Sign up here

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  • invokers SAP Innovation Award 2018
    SAP Innovation Award 2018

    Congratulations to the SAP Innovation Award 2018 finalists, especially to Vestas! We are proud and excited to be a part of your innovative and digital journey with OnePlan. Hope to see you at #SAPPHIRENOW!

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  • invokers seminar design thinking
    SEMINAR: Are you curious about how to get started with Digital Transformation?

    Tuesday, April 10, 2018 in Copenhagen we host a seminar about how Design Thinking and Digital Transformation can benefit your business. We will provide you with knowledge of new and innovative ways to create a digital strategy as well as specific tools you can use right away.

    We look forward to seeing you!

    Sign up here

    Please note that the seminar will be in Danish

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  • effective design thinking by invokers
    We love field research and workshops!

    After doing field research in both Singapore, Malaysia and Miami, we have now successfully held both Problem Space & Solution Space of Effective Design Thinking by invokers at our office in Aarhus. Now looking forward to delivering the final results!

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  • invokers field research
    Field Research - understanding the context

    We believe that in order to create the perfect digital solution, you need to know the end users and their reality. Therefore, we always conduct thorough field research. Consequently, we have visited clients all over the world and met numerous inspiring people. In our interactions with staff, it often becomes clear that there is a discrepancy between official and actual work processes. - Addressing these discrepancies is key to ensuring the success of any new solution or to successfully optimize an existing one.

    Give us a ring or a ping, if you want to learn more: +4570228664 / info@invokers.dk

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  • invokers Kickoff 2018
    invokers Kickoff 2018

    Gearing up for 2018 at invokers kickoff 2018 last friday - with tape, rubber bands, eggs, straws and teamwork!

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  • invokers Vestas Site Planner
    ​BLOG: Vestas Site Planner nominated to SAP Innovation Award 2018

    We are so excited to be working with Vestas on the Site Planner project, which is just one of the projects were are currently building, using the latest mobile and SAP Cloud Technologies. Also, the app was recently nominated to SAP Innovation Award 2018, so that’s amazing! Great work by Michael Svith Thøgersen, Lau Lautrup, Anders Mygind David Kargo and the Vestas Team.

    Read the blog here.

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  • Interview med UX Designer Jannike Mogensen
    INTERVIEW: Grafisk Workflow interview with Jannike Mogensen

    Senior UX Designer Jannike Mogensen tells a bit about working at invokers, what we do and why UX is key, when developing innovative applications. 

    Read the interview here.
    Note: The interview is in Danish

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  • invokers Design Thinking workshop with Vestas
    Design Thinking Workshop with Vestas

    A quick snapshot from a great Solution Space Workshop at our Design Thinking Studio in Aarhus yesterday! A big thanks to all participants from Vestas for the impressive inputs and engagement!

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  • Donation invokers Care UN SDG
    Donating your Christmas present to someone who needs it more

    To increase the chances of more people having a happy New Year, we decided to make a donation rather than giving our customers and network a Christmas gift. We also asked them what they wanted the donation to go towards. In collaboration with CARE Danmark, we provided them the opportunity of donating towards a choice between three of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: No Poverty, Zero Hunger and Climate Action. On the picture, you see the result.

    We thank you for choosing where the donation will go, and we are happy and excited to be able to contribute towards sustainable development!

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  • Merry Christmas from invokers
    Merry Christmas

    So, Christmas and December is always magical but this year, our month got an extra boost, when we welcomed David Kargo, Maria Daniela Radulescu and Jannike Mogensen to the invokers family!

    Merry Christmas everyone! - And thank you for an extraordinary 2017!
    We look forward to an exciting 2018!

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  • invokers SAP Fiori Makers
    Lau Lautrup presenting at SAP Fiori Makers

    On December 14 2017 - at SAP Fiori Makers Call - Lau Lautrup will present the SAP Fiori for iOS application, that we have developed together with our customer Vestas.

    Register here for free

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  • 17/01/2018
    Design Thinking field trip in U.S and Canada!

    Working with Design Thinking is really something special - someting amazing! Meeting new people in new locations to do field research and contextual interviews in order to create the best solution for our customers! Here is a snapshot of Thomas Ove Rasmussen on field trip in the US and Canada.

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  • invokers presenting at SAP TechEd Barcelona
    Vestas & invokers presenting at SAP TechEd Barcelona 2017

    Lau and Asier- the strongest team in the game - presenting at #SAPTechEd in Barcelona!


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  • invokers Teched Barcelona 2017
    Teched Barcelona 2017

    SAPTechEd in Barcelona is coming up and we have a recommendation for you if you’re into Apple and SAP: 

    Lau Lautrup from invokers is teaming up with Asier Vega Sanchez from Vestas to do a presentation about the AppleSDK & SAPCloudPlatform collaboration and the OnePlan solution we developed with Vestas.

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  • invokers Vestas SDK Apple SAP
    CASE: Vestas Site Planner - SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Apple iOS

    Site Planner is the Site Manager's tool for the agile microplanning that is required in the work with variable elements and resources. In addition, the tool is a conversion from traditional paper processes to digitization, which ensures optimized planning of Vestas' sites, thus reducing waste of valuable resources. Read the case here

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  • Halloween at invokers
    Happy Halloween from us at invokers!

    Remember that Design Thinking is a mindset, you must be open to possibilities. It brings a different perspective to what we do every day and goes beyond systems and processes. Remember to focus on People.

    Pumpkin Credit: Thomas Ove Rasmussen

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  • CAREER: ABAP, SAP Gateway/CDS/OData, SAP Cloud Platform
    CAREER: ABAP, SAP Gateway/CDS/OData, SAP Cloud Platform

    Do you want to be a part of a rapidly growing company within the field of ERP-, web- and mobility technology? 

    We are currently looking for people with skills with in the following areas: ABAP, SAP Gateway/CDS/OData, SAP Cloud Platform.
    We are looking for people both in Aarhus and Copenhagen.
    Contact us on job@invokers.dk and learn more about us at www.invokers.dk

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  • EVENT: Apple & SAP Round Table Aarhus
    EVENT: Apple & SAP Round Table Aarhus

    Once again - this time at our office in Aarhus - we have the pleasure to invite customers and friends to an exclusive roundtable about #SAP #Apple and #SAPCloudPlatform!

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  • invokers SAP Experience Center in Copenhagen
    SAP Experience Center in Copenhagen

    SAP is opening the new Experience Center at SAP in Copenhagen - and Thomas Ove Rasmussen from invokers is joining the opening to share some interesting insights!

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  • invokers Effective Design Thinking Workshop in Aarhus
    Effective Design Thinking Workshop in Aarhus

    We are ready and super excited to do some innovative problem solving at yet another Design Thinking Workshop - this time for the first time at our office in Århus with Dansk Supermarked Group!

    Let's create something brilliant!

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  • Invokers SAPTeched2017
    Staying on top of the SAP tech game at #SAPTechEd in Las Vegas!

    A magnificent crew of 10 colleagues from invokers are excited to learn about the best innovations in #SAPCloudPlatform #ABAP #mobility #SAPLeonardo #Machinelearning #IoT #Fiori and a lot of other interesting tech! #InvestInPeople

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  • Invokers Design Matters 2017
    Design Matters Conference 2017

    Getting our learn on at Design Matters Conference - Combining digital design and environmental awareness in Circular Design Workshop. #circulardesign #itmakessense #designmatters17

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  • invokers digital enterprise solutions
    Innovation is where Vision & Idea meet Development & Execution

    Mikael Gurenius on stage, at a recent event at our revered customer E.ON Sverige. 

    Thank you, Mikael!

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  • Aarhus invokers
    Happy Friday! - New colleagues & new office

    Last friday - September 1st - was a very special day in the long continuity, that is our life at invokers. First, we are welcoming 4 new colleagues and second, we had a hell of a time throwing a housewarming for our awesome new Aarhus office!

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  • invokers Aarhus
    RECEPTION: invokers Aarhus Design Thinking Studio & Office

    After 11 years in Copenhagen, we have opened office in Aarhus.

    So of course we would like to celebrate our entry into the Jutland capital, with a glass of bubbles, together with our customers, partners and friends.

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  • Apple SAP invokers
    EVENT: Apple & SAP Round Table Copenhagen

    That SAP and Apple have started strategic cooperation is hardly news to anyone who work with SAP daily. But what does it mean when the world's most advanced ERP system becomes available on the world's most intuitive platform?

    We would like to highlight this in an exclusive "roundtable" at invokers' Design Thinking Studio in Copenhagen. Together with Apple, we will show the perspective of offering the company's users user interfaces of the same quality as we expect as private consumers. Combining native apps for iPhone and iPad with the capabilities of the SAP Cloud Platform, we share insights on how to streamline the SAP workforce. Both internally and externally.

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  • One Infinite Loop invokers
    ​One Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California

    This iconic address is in many ways at the epicenter of the great waves of digitalization that has swept across every part of civilized life for the past decade. While being firmly rooted in consumer space, Apple has recently made great strides into bringing equally high end-user experience capabilities to enterprises. Among these endeavours, is the great SAP/Apple partnership, which is the story behind this picture: The awesome invokers design team primed and ready for co-innovation and collaboration, on-site at the Apple Enterprise Design Lab in Cupertino (!) 

    So theres that....

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  • SAP Modular Suite invokers
    BLOG POST: SAP Cloud Platform – New name, new dimensions

    Quote Martin Schirmer: "SAP Cloud Platform has become the designated extension and integration platform for SAP’s entire portfolio"

    Luckily, SAP Nordic has partners in place, who have recognized and embraced this fact for some time ;-)
    Read the blogpost here

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  • SAP Innovation Forum SAP Cloud Platform IoT HANA Apple SDK AR
    Thank you, SAP, for an amazing event this Tuesday, with SAP Innovation Forum in Copenhagen!

    Also a great many thanks to everyone who came to our stand and had the patience to listen to us babble on about, what we ourselves think of, as a superbly great SAP technology scenario. 

    In case you missed it, we will be very happy to give private tours of the setup.
    It is a complete, end-to-end scenario, including data from on-premise SAP ERP, many aspects of the awesome SAP Cloud Platform, Internet-of-Things, HANA, the new Apple SDK, predictive analytics, Augmented Reality and two ultra-cool LEGO wind-turbines as the center pieces.

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  • Apple SDK for SAP Cloud Platform invokers SAP Innovation Forum 2017 in Copenhagen
    SAP Innovation Forum 2017 in Copenhagen

    In two days, the new Apple SDK for SAP Cloud Platform is released for General Availability. 

    Having been active participants in early adopter programs, our sublimely brilliant colleagues already have extensive experience with the ins and outs of the development kit.

    Therefore, we can already from day 1 offer our clients advice and assistance in bringing consumer-grade apps to business users, using this great new piece of technology.

    Interested participants at SAP Innovation Forum 2017 in Copenhagen, will also be able to get a live demo of how this fits into an amazing end-to-end scenario! Be sure to stop by our stand and have a peek :-)

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  • IoT invokers
    BLOG POST: IoT - Just a buzzword or part of your strategy?

    At invokers we clearly notice an increasing interest for IoT among our customers. Some customers are far ahead, while others have just begun. But they all share the great interest in the new possibilities with the combination of IoT, Big data, A.I. and A.R.

    Super good recitals from our amazing colleague Michael Svith Thøgersen!

    Read the full blog post here

    NOTE: The post is in Danish. 

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  • Sketch-it Workshop at invokers
    Sketch-it Workshop at invokers!

    At invokers we appreciate the fact that real value-creating solutions are products of the preciously delicate balancing of Feasibility, Viability and Desirability. 

    With that in mind (and also considering that we always like to learn something new :-)) we recently had a little stint into the artistic side of things, in the form of a drawing/sketching workshop, courtesy of https://www.sketch-it.dk/ .

    Next up: Perhaps a programming course for our amazing visual designers :-) ?

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  • Angular2 invokers Electron
    Lars Raunkjær Arnbak and Chris Buch on stage, giving talk on Angular2 and Electron

    Being at the vanguard of UX, and bringing consumer-grade experiences to enterprise users requires a lot more than slideware and buzzword . It requires skill, experience and passion. Luckily, all our invokers colleagues possesses these qualities in excess ;-) Exemplified here by Lars Raunkjær Arnbak and Chris Buch on stage, giving talk on Angular2 and Electron from real world experiences, implementing a super successful customer project. Guys, we are so proud of you!

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  • SAP SCP iOS SDK Apple Vestas
    Vestas showcasing High Level Architecture with SAP Cloud Platform & Apple iOS SDK

    And so our very own Thomas Ove Rasmussen was thrust upon the stage, among peer masters of technology and innovation :-) 

    Congratulations Asier Vega and Thomas Ove Rasmussen on a successful presentation, congratulations Vestas on the great digital vision and prowess, and congratulations SAP and Apple on delivering this great technology for us all to innovate with.

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  • invokers CAREER: Virtuos iOS & Swift Maestro
    CAREER: Virtuos iOS & Swift Maestro

    Are you an experienced iOS developer who gets excited when making real solutions for real businesses?

    Read the full job post here

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  • invokers CAREER: Creative Software Engineer
    CAREER: Creative Software Engineer

    Are you a master of development with both classical, modern and hybrid programming languages & front-end development, with modern frameworks?

    Read the full job post here

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  • invokers at Mobile World Congress i Barcelona - February 2017
    Mobile World Congress i Barcelona - February 2017

    Are you going to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona?

    And would you like to know more about what benefits the new collaboration between SAP and Apple gives you when creating new innovative digital solutions?

    Then visit SAP & Apple's stand Wednesday at 1pm and hear how Vestas has planned to utilize the new iOS SDK to build future tools for their skilled people in the field.

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  • invokers blog about internal IT systems
    BLOG: When does the company's internal IT systems become part of the Workplace Assessment?

    "Imagine if we designed our offices for the employees the same way as we buy and design IT systems. This way, all the restrooms would be located at the ground floor at one end of the building, because it gives the shortest piping - and then never mind about all the trouble for the employees

    Not to mention all the otherwise productive working hours that would be wasted from running around the building..."

    Super interesting views from our very own Thomas Ove Rasmussen! Read the blog post here

    NOTE: the blog post is in Danish

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  • invokers working with HCP SDK for iOS
    BLOG: We are already working on the new HCP SDK for iOS for the development of exciting solutions with close integration to HCPms and SAP.

    It's not a secret that invokers are leading within the field of UX, Design Thinking and Mobile Solutions for SAP ... But we're also already working on the new HCP SDK for iOS to develop exciting solutions with close integration to HCPms and SAP.

    You can read Michael Svith Thøgersen's blog post here

    NOTE: The blog post is in Danish

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  • SAP HR Seminar January 2017
    SAP HR Seminar January 2017

    SAP invites to HR New Year's Seminar! And we have been invited to tell a little about why the user experience for internal applications - including HR solutions - is equally important for the company's results, as the customer experience is on external systems and solutions.

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